Volta :GRA - Customs Division arrests Nigerian with Fake currency at Aflao - Beat Zero.

Volta :GRA - Customs Division arrests Nigerian with Fake currency at Aflao - Beat Zero.

A 56-year-old Nigerian citizen has been arrested by the Ghana Revenue Authority- Custom Division at one of the unapproved routes in Aflao on Tuesday, 17th January 2023 at about 4 p.m. 

The suspect identified as Aremu Timothy Adegboyega was intercepted at Beat Zero by a joint security service stationed at the beats. 
A search on the suspect revealed he was transporting a package that contained CFA 80 million is suspected to be counterfeit currency, a further check on him also revealed another CFA 843,000, and another 110,500 Naira which was also found in his wallet and waist bag. 

Upon interrogation by security personnel, the suspects noted that the money was given to him by a friend he identified as Toyibo in Lagos, to be given to another person by the name of Mallam Isumaru Jaru at Abobo in Ivory Coast. 
He asserts that, on reaching Lome, he boarded a motorbike that routed him through Beat Zero. On reaching the Aflao section of the border, an officer stopped and demanded a search, which he obliged. He maintained that he had sought to plead his way out but the officers refused and called for backup that brought him to the main office at the border for more examination.  

According to the Assistant Commissioner,
of GRA- Custom Division, the suspect revealed that he has at least transported some amount of money from Lagos to Ivory Coast in the past. 

Speaking to the media, the sector Commander 
Assistant Commissioner 
AHMED MAJEED AMANDI of GRA - CUSTOMS DIVISION AFLAO cautioned moto riders to be careful of crossing passengers at the unapproved routes but rather use the two main borders.

The suspect has been processed and handed over to GRA headquarters in Accra early Wednesday morning.

©Sylvia Awuye 
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