NPA cautions Volta and Oti residents against smuggling of fuel to Togo

NPA cautions Volta and Oti residents against smuggling of fuel to Togo

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has issued a warning to residents in the Volta and Oti Regions against engaging in fuel smuggling to Togo.
The authority has emphasised the dangers of this illegal activity and urged citizens to avoid participating in it.

Fuel smuggling has become a significant issue in the region, with many people transporting fuel across the border to Togo, where they sell it for a higher price.
However, the NPA has warned that this practice is not only illegal but also poses serious risk to the smugglers and the general public.
The Volta Regional Director of NPA, Godwin Konu, gave the warning during a media engagement organised by the NPA in the Volta Regional capital Ho.

According to Godwin Konu, the fuel being smuggled may be of inferior quality and may contain harmful substances that could damage engines and lead to accidents.

Furthermore, smuggling fuel through illegal channels also contributes to the loss of revenue for the government, which could be used to fund various development projects in the region.
Mr. Konu has reiterated the NPA’s commitment to working with other relevant agencies to clamp down on fuel smuggling and to ensure that the public is adequately informed about the risks associated with such illegal activities.

He has therefore called on residents to report any suspicious activity related to fuel smuggling to the appropriate authorities.
He has also urged the general public to use legal channels to purchase fuel and to ensure that they are buying from licensed fuel stations.
The journalists expressed their readiness in helping the NPA achieve its aim of clamping down smuggling of fuel to and fro Togo and Ghana.

In response to the warning, some residents have expressed their support for the NPA’s efforts and have pledged to cooperate with the authorities to put an end to fuel smuggling in the region.

Others have called for stricter penalties for those caught engaging in the illegal trade.
The NPA’s caution comes as part of its ongoing efforts to promote the safe and legal use of petroleum products in the country.
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