Social media is the fastest and easiest way to make money , use it wisely - Mr Alfred Kumi . -CEO of Focus Media GH

Social media is the fastest and easiest way to make money , use it wisely - Mr Alfred Kumi . -CEO of Focus Media GH

The fastest way and easiest way to connect to other people is through social media. Social media is the means of interaction that has made it possible for people to create , share , exchange information or ideas in a virtual environment and networks . 

Forms of social media are wikis , blogs ,social networking sites, instant messaging , podcasts, video sharing sites , Photo sharing sites, virtual world etc 
The office of communications manages social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , Link in and YouTube accounts and others . 

Social Media is becoming very popular and more powerful because of its advantages in Education , in businesses , the fun and opportunities it’s gives . Social media has its negatives influence on the youth . It can be too addictive, invades your privacy, cyber bullying and misinformation can be a negative influence of social media. 

Despite its negative impacts on people’s lives, there are overwhelming advantages to the individual and the organization . Social media is a great device for education. In just a few seconds one can access the information needed. Students can educate themselves and do more research on various topics using social media. Live lectures are now possible because of social media. One can attend lectures while sitting at home with the use of the laptop. It’s possible to attend lectures in other country . Assignments and examinations are now conducted using social media. 

In addition , as people distancing themselves from newspapers, they are depending on social media for news and accurate information. You are always updated on the latest happenings of the world through it. A person becomes more socially aware of the issues of the world.

Social media also makes it easier and faster to communicate with others and also strengthens bonds with your loved ones. Distance is not a barrier anymore because of social media. For instance, you can easily communicate with your friends and relatives overseas at ease . 

Social media again provides a great platform for musicians, actors , comedians, models etc to showcase their talents and interact with their fans. It also helps others to discover their talents, and make good profits out of it . 
Again social media is a tool for making money. There have been platforms That makes a way for others to make money using their skills, knowledge and talents . Talking of bloggers , skits makers, TikTokers , YouTubers , media houses , models. Dj’s , photographers are making good money using their platforms. 

Another advantage is , you can get great opportunities for employment through social media too. There are firms that publish employment opportunities and people reach out to them. 

Social media definitely benefits companies who wish to promote their brands. Social media has become a hub for advertising and offers you great opportunities for connecting with the customers. The government also use such platforms to send information across the nation within a twinkle of an eye. 

To conclude, social media has become part of our daily lives and my advice to the youth is that they focus more on the positive aspects and benefit from it . It easy easy to make money , and establish yourself , connect yourself and get more opportunities to reach your life goals.
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