Meet Daniel Awurah, the ambitious CEO impacting Ghana’s Tech space

Meet Daniel Awurah, the ambitious CEO impacting Ghana’s Tech space

Daniel started Zelus, a tech company in his early years in the university with some brilliants
minds across some universities in the eastern region. He later rose to become the SRC
President of his university (Ghana Technology University College Koforidua Campus)
making remarkable strides in Eastern region of Ghana as a young tech entrepreneur.

Daniel Awurah is a young entrepreneur and the CEO of Zelus technologies, a leading
software development company in Ghana.
The company has since grown into serving brands around the globe( Australia, USA,
Norway, United Kingdom, UAE, Nigeria etc.) providing smart solutions to established brands
and startups through technology.
Zelus technologies has provided direct and indirect employment through the development
and use of its strategic solutions and softwares providing lasting excitement and value to
their customers
For a young brand, zelus technologies continues to touch various sectors of the economy
with its in-depth knowledge in technology and their remarkable problem solving approach.
Enabling the company to become a trusted technological partner for its clients.
Daniel has taken the lead in building software/ web platforms such as :
Desserts to door : A mobile app that connects desserts lovers to local vendors.
edify LMS : A 360 education platform for Ghanaian schools.
accrashortstays : An online short stays booking platform for travelers.
Hostely : A hostel platform for students in Ghana.
Salesmaster ; A powerful POS system for shops and businesses.
Daniel Awurah serves on boards of several start-ups and established brands with the aim to
provide strategic guidance, and drive growth and success for these organizations.
Daniel, is on a journey to grow start ups from acorns to oaks. He is passionate about
transforming leaders to become agents of a positive change on the African Continent.
For more information about zelus.
Visit : zelustechnologies.com
Follow on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/zelus_technologies
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