The Member of Parliament for Buem Constituency, Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams, has been a beacon of transparency and accountability to his constituents. For over two and a half years, Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams has been tirelessly serving his people and ensuring that their needs are met. One of his core mandates as an MP is lobbying, but he has also been actively involved in building structures and facilities to serve his constituents.
Given the importance of water to day-to-day life, Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams took to the floor of Parliament in his first months in office to inquire about the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources' plans to improve portable water supply in the Jasikan Municipality. Two years on, the Ministry has requested for the list of communities in the Municipality that have issues with water services to undertake a survey for the construction or laying of pipes to service those communities or for rehabilitation of already existing systems. Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams has promptly responded to the request and provided the list of communities in his Constituency that have issues with water services.
Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams is leading an essential initiative to provide the people of Buem with clean water. Through a co-sponsored agreement with Lifetime Wells Ghana (LWG), the project aims to drill a total of 70 boreholes, both manual and mechanized, in various communities across the constituency. To date, over 50 boreholes have been successfully drilled, with almost 30 already in use. Additionally, the MP has collaborated with two Arab-based NGOs operating in the Oti Region to drill 7 mechanized boreholes, all of which are currently operational.
It is noteworthy to highlight that some communities received more than one borehole due to the population, structures, and urgency of need. Jasikan received over fifteen boreholes, Kayadan had four, New Ayoma had four, Bodada had three, Kute had three, Baglo had three, Okadjakrom had two, Teteman had two, Odumase had two, and Awoma had two.
These boreholes can be located in Jasikan (St. Samuel, Adabraka, Royal Street, Gabusu (CMB), Anglican, Dakpakodzi, Barrier, Watered Garden A & Main, Nestella, Apenkwa, Depo, Kotokoli Zongo, Forestry Area, Jasikan College of Education, and Bueman Senior High School); Bodada (Bodada A, Bodada B, Ejeli); Kute (Aziakpakofe, Lormnava, and Zongo); New Ayoma (Fr. Dogli Memorial Technical Institute, Lebanon, New Ayoma township, and Kabombi); Baglo (Kator, Kada and Baglo Ridge Senior High Technical School); Okadjakrom (Market Area and Okadjakrom Senior High Technical School); Teteman (Zongo and Motorway); Odumase (Kato and Kada); Awoma (Top Adjaka and Osei Area), and Kayadan (Kayadan A & Main, Imueba and Korfegame). 

Other communities that have benefited from the boreholes project include Bompa, Tsrikasa, Akaa Quarters, Nanankor, Owedi, Kloboto, Kadjarko, Ketsi-Nkwanta, Wadjekofe, Agortemekofe, Latamba, Kadjagbatu, Oseikrom, New Baika, Old Baika, Atonkor, Kudje, Guaman, Old Ayoma, and Dzolu. 
It is a relief to mention that the Municipal Assembly, alongside certain private individuals, have also benefited from the opportunity to drill boreholes at a cost that is only 40% of what it would have originally been. This initiative is led by the MP in a co-sponsored arrangement with Lifetime Wells Ghana (LWG). 

The Member of Parliament again provided support for the repair of the faulty community water system in Teteman, as well as assisted with the maintenance of several manual boreholes within the constituency.
Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams has reiterated his commitment to continue providing essential services to his constituents and ensuring that development is shared equally across the constituency. He pledged to work diligently to serve his people with humility, truth, transparency, accountability, and passion.

The people of Buem Constituency can be assured that Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams will continue to deliver on his mandate as their representative, and he will remain true to his promise to serve them with his utmost ability.

Christian Ziorklui, 
Office of the Member of Parliament, 
Buem Constituency.
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