Smartphone photography tip of the Day.

Smartphone photography tip of the Day.

Just as digital displaced film, the smartphone camera has displaced the point shoot digital camera. For casual pics, there’s no need to carry around a digital if you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket and some smartphone photography tips in mind.
While the way we take pictures may change, some age-old photography tips can help you take better photos. Whether you’re taking smartphone pics on vacation, while the kids play soccer or baseball or you’re catching moments at a backyard barbecue, these simple tips can help you take your smartphone photography to the next level.

1️⃣ Go Landscape
Most of the time, we hold our phones vertically, in portrait mode. When it’s time to take pictures, flip it horizontally into landscape mode.

Photos in portraits have their place; capturing tall landscape elements for example. That said, landscape catches more of the scene in front of our eyes and is more what people expect when looking at a photo.
Compiled by Patrick Viera
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