Jasikan: Kofi Adams supports the Municipal Hospital.

Jasikan: Kofi Adams supports the Municipal Hospital.

In a remarkable effort to enhance the efficiency and delivery of healthcare services in Buem Constituency, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Buem, Hon. Kofi Adams, donated six laptops to the Jasikan Municipal Health Directorate. The donation is a testament to the MP's unwavering commitment to improving healthcare delivery within his constituency.
During the donation ceremony, Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams expressed his dedication to supporting the health directorate and the constituents in their pursuit of accessible and quality healthcare services. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing technological advancements in healthcare, the MP aimed to upgrade the efficiency and delivery of vital services.
The MP further revealed that the Jasikan College of Education (JASICO) Clinic, an essential healthcare facility, requires non-consumables and consumables. Hon. Kofi Adams assured the directorate that he, in collaboration with the health director, would work diligently to fulfill these needs and provide the clinic with the requested items.
Additionally, Hon. Kofi Adams shared plans to initiate an Award Scheme, in partnership with the Municipal Assembly. The scheme aims to recognize and reward the hard work and dedication of health workers across the constituency. This commendable effort seeks to motivate health professionals and further encourage them to deliver exceptional healthcare services to Buem constituents.
The donated laptops were distributed among various units of the Jasikan Municipal Health Directorate, namely: Administration, Nutrition, Disease Control, Account & Finance, Health Promotion, and Public Health. The laptops will undoubtedly contribute significantly to streamlining administrative activities, improving patient records management, and facilitating efficient data analysis.
The laptop donation ceremony was attended by Mr. Annobil Issac, the Municipal Health Director, who graciously thanked Hon. Kofi Adams for his unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery in the Buem constituency. The presence of Hon. Killian Abrampah, the Former District Chief Executive of Jasikan, and Hon. Seebaway Abubakar, the Assembly Member for Odome Electoral Area, further highlighted the collective dedication towards the welfare of the constituents and their health needs.
Buem Constituency can now look forward to enhanced healthcare services, thanks to the efforts of Hon. Kofi Adams in equipping the Jasikan Municipal Health Directorate with vital technological resources. The MP's continued support for the health directorate, in conjunction with the Municipal Assembly's initiation of an Award Scheme, will undoubtedly motivate health workers, fostering a positive impact on the overall healthcare system in the constituency.
Investments in healthcare infrastructure and resources such as these laptops underline the commitment of lawmakers to prioritize the well-being and health needs of their constituents. The people of Buem Constituency are both grateful and hopeful for the positive advancements that lie ahead, thanks to the ongoing efforts of Hon. Kofi Adams.
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