Types of passwords you should never use.

Types of passwords you should never use.

A password is a secret combination of characters, typically composed of letters, numbers, and symbols, that grants access to a restricted system, device, or service. 
Passwords are used as a security measure to authenticate and verify the identity of a user before allowing them access to protected resources. They serve as a barrier to unauthorized access and help ensure the privacy and security of sensitive information. 
It's essential to choose strong, unique passwords and to keep them confidential to prevent unauthorized access to accounts or systems.
Below are the types of passwords you should never use.
You should avoid using the following types of passwords as they are easy to guess or crack:

1. Sequential numbers or letters like "12345" or "abcde".
2. Parts of your username: any password that contains your username.
3. Personal information such as your birthday or hometown.
4. Repeated characters: like "aaaaa" or "0000".
5. Common words: such as "password" or "letmein".
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