Rhyda Ofori Amanfo makes great impact at the 11th Annual T20 Cricket tournament with Atlanta Pearls.

Rhyda Ofori Amanfo makes great impact at the 11th Annual T20 Cricket tournament with Atlanta Pearls.

Ghana’s Senior National Women’s Cricket Team Captain, Rhyda Ofori Amanfo impressed officials at the 11th Annual T20 Cricket Tournament, organized by the Georgia Women Cricket Association (GWCA) who believed she will further help in the promotion and development of women’s cricket in the United States of America.

The single round-robin tournament which saw eight teams compete at the Earl O’Neal Sports Complex from May 24 to 26., saw Atlanta Pearls finishing fourth overall out of eight teams.

Rhyda, who was vice-captain of Atlanta Pearls Women's Cricket Club, hugely contributed to the feat of the team, as Coach Brenda Solozano appreciated her efforts.
“Rhyda has a graceful smooth, athletic movement in bowling, which caught my attention. She will be a force to be reckoned with shortly. She has high high-spirited disposition and is certainly, a team player in all aspects. A very good hitter of the ball as well.”
“She needs a little fine-tuning in her bowling which will allow her to soar to greater heights. I am looking forward to meeting and working with her in the future.” The West Indies level II Coach Brenda added.

Although the team placed fourth, the entire team was happy about Rhyda’s contribution to the team’s position. 
Rhyda, who has been Ghana’s senior national women’s cricket team captain since 2015 has also made a huge impact on the Women’s team, aside from securing sponsorship for tournaments.

Miss Ofori tells TalksenseSports, that she hopes to create other opportunities for some teammates, back in Ghana.
“Because of how happy they are about my performance, if there is any opportunity to get other players here to play, why not. We have good players and we will need better competitions to keep us up there and be able to win trophies for Ghana.” 

Rhyda who is currently organizing the second edition of the Obuasi Cricket Festival from June 24 through to 29, 2024, and looking for more sponsors, also joined a men's competition at the beginning of June to keep herself competitive and feat for the future, apart from training.  
Source: #TalksenseSports 
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