Hon. Mavis Opokua Akornor cut sod for 3 Unit Classroom block for Sechi Methodist.

Hon. Mavis Opokua Akornor cut sod for 3 Unit Classroom block for Sechi Methodist.

Hon. Mavis Opokua Akornor the district chief executive for Asuogyaman in the eastern region cut for 3 unit classroom block with an office space and a store for the senchi Methodist primary school.
According to Hon. Mavis, the construction of this new facility signifies commitment to providing a conductive environment for learning- a space where our students can thrive academically and personally. Its represents our dedication to investing in the future generations, they have access to resources they need to excel.

She extend her heartfelt gratitude to managements and staff of Asuogyaman district assembly and predecessor Hon. Samuel Kwame Agyekum for excelling in the district performance assessments tool exercise in order the DACF- Responsiveness.

According to Hon. Mavis the district chief executive, the projects will be commissioned in the fourth quarter of the 2024, which implies that the project will commence and complete without having to wait for funds.
The district education director Mad. Augustine Adjoa Owusu overjoyed to be part of the sword cutting ceremony of a new three-unit classroom block for senchi Methodist primary school.
She said the school has really suffered from weak structure which is very dangerous to accommodate learners. These little ones together with their teachers studied under hot scorching sun which not conducive for teaching and learning. Due to rains of this recent season pupils are combined in one classroom for multigrade teaching which is not the normal practice for a good learning situation. And the worst of it all is that, these same pupils compete with other learners under good condition within the district and Ghana at large. She thanks Hon. Mavis the DCE and the district Assembly for such a timely intervention. I must say that Hon Mavis Akornor has proved that she is indeed a stunt Educationist who can see from afar. This is a plus projects within her tenure that these learners together with the education directorate see it remarkable and will forever remarkable and will remember her for it.

Nana Gyan Oduro Dapaa ii Akormu adorteng Hene for Senchi ,expressed his gratitude to the goverments especially the currents DCE for seeing from a far, because is long time they are crying for classroom as a community. Is unfortunately that former DCE does nothing about it, but God willing the current DCE Hon. Mavis started, we thank God for that, she take a good step. According to him, they would help the contractor in any way he needs their support for the projects to complete on time, by communal labor.
He gives strong warning to the youth that any one finds around the projects or touch any material without the knowledge of the contractor would not be forgiving but the laws of this country would deal with that person.

He appealed for the governments to do something about their roads in the district especially the main road from Senchi junction to the ferry landing site the erosion has taken larger portion of the road, a time would come they would not have access for dual vehicles, it’s would become one way which would need someone to direct cars.

The assembly member who double as a spokesman for Hon. Enam Pious Hadzide the parliamentary candidate for Npp in Asuogyaman, Hon. Zurak Abdul Hamid was delighted with locating the school building in his jurisdiction and challenge parents to take their ward education serious.

He advised the youth to get something doing especially those completed senior high schools, though his aware some of the youth need jobs or wanted to do be doing job but no job or factory in the district.
He appeal to the governments NGO’s and Private investors to come to Senchi to establish companies for them for their youth to get a better job and live Okada and other jobs that cannot sustain their future.

Story by: Gakpey Ernest Apatsia.  
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