North Tongu: Residents of Dorfor -Kome cry for Assistance.

North Tongu: Residents of Dorfor -Kome cry for Assistance.

Dorfor-Kome has been denied in many ways. Apart from the three-unit pavilion structure built during the PDC era, no other development in the area to boast of Meanwhile the small Island has produced and continues to produce a gallant workforce for the nation such as teachers, Headmasters, Police officers Military men, etc. Due to the inability of the Government to supply the Island with power and other social amenities, all these people decided to stay at their places of convenience. Rural-urban migration has increased in its high volume which has reduced the population growth to less than five hundred according to Torgbe Adekafoe II of Dorfor-Kome.

Dorfor-Kome is an Island community in the North Tongu district of the Volta region which bonded with the Shai Osudoku District of the Greater Accra Region.
He continues that, in the year 1870, a joint team of combined forces led by Captain Glover attacked the Dorfors on the Island. The Dorfor settlers who survived fled to join their families at the overbank. 

After the war, Togbe Kofi Anyrakotoku the grandson of Togbe Adela Fui (Adela Foe) returned with his five children to the Island. They are now the present settlers of the Island. 

Headman Rev. Jonathan Anyrakotoku also expressed his concern that crop and fish farming is the main occupation of the people of Dorfor Kome. Clump business (Oystering) was the major means of income for the people of Dorfor Kome and the entire Tongu at large. 
People from other Tongu Traditional Areas used to join the people of Dorfor Kome for the Oystering but after the construction of both Akosombo and Kpong-Akuse Dams, Oystering which served as a major income for the good people of Dorfor Kome and the entire Tongu has vanished, but with all this mess, the previous government and current has neglected us as a community.

We are appealing for our member of parliament, Hon Okudzeto Ablakwa, and the District Chief Executive Hon Devine Fenu to attend to us in Dorfor-Kome.
The headmaster for Dorfor-Kome Rev. Evangelist Desmond Seledzi said they are beneficiaries of the One Teacher, One Laptop program launched by His Excellency Dr. Bawumia the vice president and the 2024 presidential candidate for New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to Desmond Seledzi, lack of electricity, no portable drinking water, lack of classrooms, and lack of health centers affect education in Dorfor Kome, due to the reason that teachers reject posting to the area.
Parliamentary candidate for New Patriotic in North Tongu Dr. Savior Yaw Eleblu was not happy with the way the Dorfor-Kome has been neglected since its development going on, in various parts of Ghana.
He promised to see the District Chief Executive Hon. Fenu Divine and other authorities in charge of electrification in the country.

According to Torgbe Adekafoe ii, he doesn’t want to use the word NO LIGHT NO VOTE, since is their right to vote as a citizen.
Source: Gakpey Ernest Apatsia

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