Oti: Likpe Kukurantumi outdoors a new Chief.

Oti: Likpe Kukurantumi outdoors a new Chief.

Story: Benjamin Makafui Attipoe, Likpe Kukurantumi
The chiefs and people of Likpe Kukurantumi in the newly created Guan District of the Oti Region have outdoored a new chief at a colorful and well-attended coronation event at Likpe Kukurantumi.

The coronation of Nana Kwame Udzu VI as the Osahene of the community and a sub-divisional chief of the Royal Bayabi Clan of Likpe Kukurantumi was graced by several dignitaries from all walks of life including traditional leaders as well as citizens of Likpe Kukurantumi.
Nana Kwame Udzu VI, a private legal practitioner, succeeded his late Uncle, Nana Kwabena Udzu V who reigned as a Chief for several decades and contributed immensely towards the development of the Likpe Kukurantumi community and beyond. 

The coronation ceremony was used to showcase the rich cultural values and traditions of the chiefs and people of the Likpe Traditional Area. 
Likpe Kukurantumi is one of the major farming communities in the Guan district. Its soil is fertile for the cultivation of food and cash crops such as maize, beans, and cassava as well as cocoa, coconut, and palm fruits. The inhabitants are also engaged in commerce or petty trading.

One of the major challenges facing the community and its surrounding towns and villages such as Lolobi Kumasi, Lolobi Ashambi, Likpa Bala, Likpe Bakua, Likpe Abrani, New Ayoma and Kute amongst others, is the main access road which is not only very deplorable but also expensive and tiring to travel on, particularly during the rainy seasons.
Speaking at the durbar, Nana Kwame Udzu VI pledged to promote education and agriculture and also establish small-scale industries to turn around the economic and social fortunes of the people. Nana Kwame Udzu VI announced that he would establish an Educational Endowment Fund (EEF) to support academically brilliant and needy students together with their counterparts who are skillfully brilliant but also needy. 

He noted that over the years, the concentration has been on academically brilliant students to the detriment of skillful and brilliant pupils. Nana Kwame Udzu VI said the paradigm must shift, explaining that apart from improving the academic performance of pupils at the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) level in the area, he also wants to give equal opportunities to all young children to explore their God-given talents.

He indicated that he would turn every agricultural produce from the area into a processing factory to create job opportunities for the teeming youth of the area and by extension the youth of the entire Guan district.
Nana Kwame Udzu VI noted that with the passing of his enstoolment ceremony, the dreams and aspirations of the forefathers have been met beyond expectation. ‘If we follow the examples of our forefathers, we can bring greater joy, happiness, and prosperity to our people’, Nana Kwame Udzu VI indicated.

He also stated, ‘Destiny has put me here. It is with immense gratitude and humility that I assume the sacred duty to serve a special people. I shall serve you as a son and take care of you as a parent, adding that he would also serve his people not only in the day and at night but also in the spirit of kindness, justice, and equality.

Nana Kwame Udzu VI observed that the youth need leadership to aspire to greater heights, promising that he would provide such a direction for them to enable them to realize their goals and aspirations. He advised the youth to organize themselves into action to do something for themselves and society, especially in the area of farming and handiworks.
The Guan Constituency Parliamentary Candidate (PC) of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Fred Agbenyo lauded the chiefs and people of Likpe Kukurantumi for peacefully installing their new chief. 
He described Nana Kwame Udzu’s pledge to serve his people as a son and take care of them as a parent, as touching and stressed the need for the people to rally behind the new Osahene for the realization of their vision and goals.
Mr. Agbenyo urged the youth not to despair but instead remain focused and hardworking to achieve their goals in life.

As part of the coronation and custom rites, Nana Kwame Udzu VI swore an oath of allegiance to the Kukurantumihene, Nana Kweku Agyemang III who commended the Kingmakers of the Bayabi Royal Clan for installing Nana Kwame Udzu VI as the Osahene of the area.

He urged the citizens of the area to give the new chief the needed encouragement and support to enable him to bring the needed development to the people and the area. Nana Kweku Agyemang III was also grateful to the other traditional leaders including the queen mothers for their presence at the ceremony to support the new Osahene.

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