My dear Brothers and Sisters of the DZOšŸ¦…LALI family,


The elections are  successfully concluded.  Let’s now join together to thank Almighty God for the Grace He granted every one of us to choose the new leadership for our great Association, so we can truly support the Headmaster and the administration of Ketasco to transform  our Alma Mater into the greatest ever.

This has been a tough contest and I wish to thank you for the mandate you’ve just given me to serve as president. I thank all the committed delegates, the entire membership of the DZOšŸ¦…LALI family, especially the EC and the Technical team, for the herculean job done for us to have these free, fair, smooth and credible elections.

My Brothers and Sisters,
I have just called and spoken with our Brother Sammy Ameevor, after he sent me a voice note to congratulate me.  We had a warm and brotherly chat and I thanked him for a fair contest.  Sammy is a formidable, dedicated, and committed brother, whom I admire and respect.  I will surely count on him to be a great part of this new executive.

I warmly congratulate all the newly elected executive members – WE HAVE WORK TO DO.  IT’S AN HONOUR FOR US TO SERVE.  WE SHALL SERVE TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY.

To my other contestants,  PLEASE, our Association and Ketasco are the real winners tonight.

There is no victor.  There is no vanquished.  Every one of us is a winner.

I take this opportunity to extend an olive branch and a hand of brotherhood in unity to every one of you to join the newly-elected team to ensure that, together, we CAN lift our Association and the great Ketasco to the highest heights that we dream.

I thank my 1980 year group for the massive backing they gave to me, the Campaign Manager and the whole campaign team.  They’ve sacrificed in many ways - spending long nights, making many phone calls and sharing several emails. Thank you, Sammy Kugblenu for being an awesome Campaign Manager.

To every delegate: THANK YOU, for the confidence reposed in us with your vote. This is just the beginning of the hard work we promised.

I remain resolutely committed to the task of taking the Association and the school onto a higher pedestal, by the grace of Almighty GOD.  You have chosen us to serve and not lord it over anyone.  WE SHALL SERVE YOU.

PLEASE, if, during the course of this campaign, I or my team have caused any hurt, anguish, or pain – knowingly or unknowingly, by word or deed, omission or commission, then I want to apologise sincerely to you.  I am sorry.  We are sorry. I will serve in humility, with malice towards none and goodwill towards all.

Indeed, as our school anthem states, “ONCE TO EVERY MAN AND NATION, COMES A MOMENT TO DECIDE”…And so today we have decided.  It is now time for us to HEAL and regroup, join together in HOPE, and  forge ahead in UNITY for the betterment of our Association and the great school that nurtured us, KETASCO.

Once again, we thank GOD.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I count on your prayers and support for our success TOGETHER.

Long live Ketasco
DzošŸ¦…Lali,  Now or never.
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