V/R : Ketu South NPP PC emabarks on clean up exercise

V/R : Ketu South NPP PC emabarks on clean up exercise

The Parliamentary Candidate on the ticket of the ruling NPP for the Ketu South constituency, Mr Tiahno Quarshie this dawn  joined His constituents in Agbozume and Klikor to help in a very important cleaning exercise.

He also stated that, He had a call from the Youths of Agbozume and Klikor concerning the pack of sands on the major town road network (especially the most used part along the market to the ‘Egborshime’ market side) and its negative side effect to road users; both pedestrians and drivers as well as its trickling health effect during raining seasons as it inhibits the movement of the rain water and at times leads to the choking of the drainage pathway hence becoming the breeding ground for mosquitoes and nuisance to the road users. The sight of it can be very disgusting at times when it rains.

The problem once identified ought to be urgently addressed since the Youths were ready to commit to it. By way of support, I purchased and mobilized about 30 hard sweeping brushes for them and as well distributed over 30 hand washing liquid soaps to the participants.

To also motivate them, I provided all the participants with food and water to help replace their energy spent from that 5:30am to 8:30am this morning.

I am happy in the whole exercise, the Youths respected social distancing among each other aside working together as one unit. Over 30 Youths turned up to support the initiative and I can boldly report that the road is looking very clean.

This I believe can be replicated to other town roads since we’re closer to the raining season. I challenge the Youths of other communities along the roads to emulate it and I’m willing to support any such calls and more to help make our towns look decent.
#KetuSouthShallProsper #ThinkingAboutYou
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