The Secret Behind The Newly Wedded Couples Who Dated For 12 Amazing Years.

The Secret Behind The Newly Wedded Couples Who Dated For 12 Amazing Years.

Newly Wedded Couples
Mr and Mrs Akey
A gentleman and a lady, whose love journey have being an inspiration to many, finally got married on the 19th of December 2020. Their marriage has been a surprise to many of their friends and their observers.
Mr and Mrs Akey

On Saturday 19th December, 2020, these young man and lady who dated for 12 good but though years, have finally perform their traditional marriage (which we the Africans normally mention as engagement), hence they looking forward to doing the white wedding as well.

Their story started far back from basic school, in primary 6 in Victory International School – Aflao Avome in the year 2008. They both sat for the BECE and came out with good grades. After the BECE, they got placement at different single sex school.

Mr and Mrs Akey
Throwback photo of Mr and Mrs Akey in SHS

The lady got E.P Mawuko Girls SHS in Ho and the guy had SMASCO but due to some reasons, the guy couldn’t make to SMASCO – Lolobi, rather, he makes it to AKAST-Akatsi.

Even though they were been separated from each other because of school placement system, their communication didn’t end there. They still use other mediums such as letter and phone booth to communicate to each other. They do all this to strengthen their relationship. This has made their love for each other strong even though they were far away from each other.

They both sat for WASSCE in 2015 which they all came out with good grades. Because of the dreams they share, love and mutual understanding of each other, they’ve decided to pursue the teaching profession. In 2016, they both applied for admission at AKATSICO and got admitted.

In this our 21stcentury, it is very difficult to sustain relationship on campus. Issues on campus made it very difficult for relationship to advance to another level.

But in the case of these two partners, understanding is one of the key roles that have sustained them to their new status. One thing that they have identified as one of the causes of campus breakups is the case where partners tried to showcase their relationship to others.

They made it very clear that when you showcase your relationship to your friends/colleague on campus, they begin to stick their nose into your affairs thereby bringing a whole lot of misconception and misunderstanding between you two.

So they advised that when dating on campus you shouldn’t make it public. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out with your girlfriend on campus. They advised that you keep it on a low key. They both understand each other’s love languages.

They also advise others who are in relationship to cultivate the ability to forgive easily. It will strengthen your relationship. No relationship has been peaceful from day one. Issues will surely rise up but your ability to easily let it go will take you to the next step.

These were few of the things that have kept these couples for 12 years. They got married during their national service in a simple and glamorous ceremony.

True love still exists.

Credit: ShowbizAfrik.com

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