It is said that every child has the right to quality education but that has not been the case with Teachers and pupils of Sra (M/A) School in the Suhum Municipality, as they are denied proper infrastructures and learning, materials.
Okanta Sra M/A School can be found at Suhum under the Suhum Municipal Assembly in the Eastern Region,
When media visited the school recently, they  described the problem as disgusting, shame, dangerous and that which needed the swift intervention of Government and stakeholders.
The school building since it was built in 1965, has not seen any renovation or facelift, you may only found deep cracks in the walls of the various classrooms. And its roofs partially ripped-off. It is on the verge of collapsing.

The 56 years school has a students population of 43 with 4 teachers, 25 boys and 18 girls. That has been as a result of the threat the building poses on the lives of the pupils and teachers in the school.
Most parents have redrawn their children from the school to other schools far off the community and many others have no choice than to deploy their children to working with them on their farms prematurely.

The Patriarch (Abusuapanin) of the area, Apostle Padi Ologo , told media in an exclusive interview that, although the School has been declared a death trap, the structure is still in use.

Apostle Padi said they still use outfit becuase, We do not have anywhere to keep the students for studies apart from this one. Any action to stop them from coming to school shall allude to banning of schooling in our communinty.

In Sra M/A school we don’t have Junior High School block since the primary block was built some 56 years ago. We have no libraries and no computers.
He further stated that some of the pupils sit on the bare floor for studies due to inadequate furniture in the school.

  School hours are largely determined by day to day climatic conditions. That is to say, out of the usual academic calender, school activities have to break to allow the rains to have its time. We don’t have accomodation in this community. we walk miles to school every morning and back to Suhum after school.

We call on government through the municipal assembly to go to their aid and support them with a state of the art school infrastructure. We also plead with NGOs and other stakeholders to urgently help the Sra community with better educational facility.
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