Man 45 defiled girl 11 at Atiavi.

Man 45 defiled girl 11 at Atiavi.

A 45 years old man has been accused of defiling a 11 year old girl at Atiavi-Atime in the Keta Municipality of the Volta.

The man whose name is withheld ask the girl to send pocket money to his ward in the same school with the girl after she went on errand to look for her Mom at the lagoon side to ask her about her pocket money.

After been called by the man, she approached and the man dragged her into his room and allegedly slept with the girl.
According to a neighbor, he was hearing the crying of the little girl but he couldn't approach because he's not in good term with the 45 years old man.
He later meet the girl right after she left the room and she narrated what happened to him and ask to report to her Mom. Unfortunately, her mom returned from fishing late afternoon and went to the chiefs palace to lodged an official complaint about the man's behavior. 

The man was invited for interrogations and confessed having affair with the little girl and should be allowed to send the girl for medical treatment. 

He is currently on run after sending the girl to the hospital.
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