Don’t allow sense of democracy mislead you – Rev. Akpi

Don’t allow sense of democracy mislead you – Rev. Akpi

The Klefe District Pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian church, Ghana (EPCG), Reverend Jonas Elorm Akpi, has admonish the general public especially the youth to be very careful in exhibiting the modern day lifestyles commonly practice by the masses in the society.

Admitting that democracy is good, he however tackled the youth not to fancy its practice to the extent that could mislead them to believe on their wills.

His call formed part of his sermon delivered at the Ho East Presbytery (Zone Two) Zonal Rally at Agorgoe Lume in the Ho Municipality of the Volta region.

The day, also marked the climax of the Founder’s Week celebration of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church across the country.

Speaking on the sermon theme “Know the Signs of the End time”, he however urged Christians to live to expectations and never to undermine the laid down regulations of their maker.

“We have to stop living reckless lives. We have to be waiting on the Lord so that when he comes again, we will be prepared. We have to stop hating one another and start learning to love. We also have to learn to forgive those that hurt us.” he charged congregants.
Commenting on the current happenings all over, Rev. Akpi mentioned ritual killings, natural disasters, issues with the controversial LGBTQIA+, news of kidnappings among others as signs of the last days the bible talked about adding that, Christians must be very watchful so as to act right at all time to see the favour of the Lord prevails.

“We have all heard about the LGBTQ+ and many others, these are signs that the Lord is coming soon for this reason we have to be in good standing with God. This is also a sign that the wrath of the Lord is upon humanity therefore we have to learn to live the way the Lord wants us to. Once we stop living for the world and start living for the Lord, it is a sign that we are waiting for the second coming of the Lord.” Rev. Akpi noted

He again lamented on how the youths are misconducting themselves in these perilous times as he noted that, their future is running into doom just in the name of freedom of association and Human right.

Rev. Jonas cautioned the youth to discontinue such deviant acts so as to prepare physically and spiritually for the second coming of the Lord.

“It is already written that there will be trials and tribulations. With this we know that it will not get easy but we have to do better.”

The Minister further challenged church leaders, political leaders and any other persons holding a leadership position in the the country, to learn to help the youth and expose them to practices that develop their futures by teaching them the truth and honesty in every aspect of life but not with lies that could mislead the generation.

“We should not sugar coat the truth but rather tell it as it is. These are the things we can do to help the youth”

Source: www.ignewss.com
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