I never for once thought, I would have to do this. My expectation was to meet you and appreciate you the help you offered to someone you didn't know and had never seen. Your absence will be greatly felt, but your good deeds will continue to shine bright.

When things got a bit difficult regarding my fees in medical school, Mr. Fogah Nukunu contacted me about a possibility of receiving some support from a minister of state. As surprised and anxious as I was, I called the said minister. Her calm, welcoming voice calmed my nerves.  Right after introducing myself, she responded with excitement, "Oh you are the medical student". We had a short conversation and she finally told me she'll try to pay some of my fees since at the time, she had used most of her funds for others who needed her help in the region. She took my details and asked me to come to her office on a later date for the receipt of payment. 

On the d-day, as I walked around asking for direction to Ministry of Transport, all I could think about was how much will be left for my family to sort out. 

This is the part that gets me excited till date. A young, student from a humble background in keta, who had never stepped foot into any ministry building, walks to the receptionist, introduced myself and it was as if I was a VIP or so I thought. She directed me to Honourable's office. As I walked into the office with the best smile ever on my face, I met her secretary who quickly handed me an envelope and explained to me that Honourable had to be somewhere at that exact time.
A few meters away from the building, I realised she had paid the full amount. 
I couldn't believe my eyes. 
Throughout my stay in school, she'll check up on me regularly. Encourage me and always remind me that she will always be proud of me. 

To think that our last conversation was after my induction..... hmm... death why lay your icy cold hands on Honourable before I could see her face and show my appreciation. In these trying moments, I pray the Lord comforts her family. Honourable,as I'll call her in all our conversations, has touched a lot of Volta youth and we will make sure her spirit of benevolence continues. We will miss you Mamaga Honourable Dzifa Attivor. Rest in Peace.
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