History of Balete People of Bostwana.

History of Balete People of Bostwana.

The Balete People also known as Bamalete, Mbamalete , can be found in Bostwana they are part of the Bantu- Nguni speaking people they primarily speak the Nguni languages and poetry plays a big role it is known as Leboko la Balete is a written poem throughout their oral history they had many traditional Kings who ruled below are the names of the rulers . 
. Kgosikgolo Powe l 

. Kgosikgolo MokgoJwe reigned  from 1805.

. Kgosikgolo Powe ll reigned from  1805- 1830 .

. Kgosikgolo Mokgosi l reigned from 1896- 1906 .

. Kgosikgolo Seboko l reigned from 1917- 1937.  
According to the Balete KgosiKgolo Mosadi Seboko , their tradition plays a big role the people rejoice and their elders are excited they rejoice and respect their own culture during a special ocassion it was not only about traditional dressing but eating their traditional food and also remember the ancinet days and how things were done they celebrate festivals like Barwa Kgodumo which is a cultural day.
 African Arts and Music, the men and women come fully geared the men also were dressed in overalls . 
Khaki and old school suit that have become antiques they carry with them long sticks, hunting rifles and Knob kerries to complete the regalia the women dressed themselves with the Khiiba and tjale over their waist they also carry bonkgwana also ditlatlana on their heads stalls were also set up to display the Balete traditional foods even sorghum, alolwala, motshe and kika are used to make a meal they perform traditonal dance, traditional music known as Ditlhaka is performed and used during their daily lives also for entertainment and recite poems .
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