Volta: KeMA bans sand weaning and  related activities from the Beach.

Volta: KeMA bans sand weaning and related activities from the Beach.

The Keta Municipal Assembly has by a MUSEC directive inaugurated a joint police and military task force to enforce ban on sand weaning and it's related activities in the Keta Municipality. 
The taskforce which includes representatives from various stakeholders i.e Chiefs, police,Assembly members of affected areas, National Intelligence Bureau, the military, EPA etc. is tasked to ensure that offenders are arrested and swiftly prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others who might want to continue the practice. 

Inaugurating the taskforce, Chairman of the Municipal Security Council, Hon. Emmanuel Gemegah has stated that the taskforce is neccessary as an immediate measure to curtail the havoc being wreaked on the people of Keta by the sea. 
According to him, Environmental Protection Agency and other experts have identified incessant sand weaning from the beaches as one of the causes of the current predicament the people of Keta and other neighbouring communities faces hence the need for immediate action to stop further destruction to property pending intervention from central government. 

He charged the taskforce to work without fear or favour during the discharge of their duties and resist any form of interference from any authority. 

He, however, indicates the assembly is fully aware of the need for sand and gravel in building and encourage all those in need to resort to communities where they can legally get sand for the mean time while they work out a plan with the EPA to find appropriate place where the activity can be safely conducted. 

Members of the taskforce assured the public of their commitment and called for the needed support to save a place they all call home from disappearing from history. The police expressed happiness about the inclusion of chiefs as they have noted that some of them and others members of society are major culprits in interfering with the course of justice and hopes their inclusion will help solve the challenge.
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