Nunya Foundation donates Books to Dzelukofe E.P Basic School.

Nunya Foundation donates Books to Dzelukofe E.P Basic School.

Nunya foundation, a non profit organization has donated over one hundred copies of assorted Eʋe books worth ₵1,500 to Dzelukoƒe Evangelical Presbyterian Basic school in the Keta Municipality.
The books include Nunyamɔ, Agbe nye Nu Si Newɔe, Kesinɔnu kple Yayra, Nya Zɔzɔ, Tɔkɔ Atɔ̃lia, Do Eʋegbe Mase and many others. The school has benefited because it was selected by Efo Michael Deh aka Keta Yevu.
Mr. Christian Zogli, chairman of the group, speaking to Konkonsah GH News explains that the thought of Eʋegbe going extinct is the reason behind the foundation. He said the foundation seeks to encourage people especially school children to study the language with all seriousness, in order to be able not only to speak it, but to read and write it as well. Because if the language dies our culture and traditions die with it.

The headmaster of Dzelukoƒe EP Basic School, Mr. Dumeda William
who received the items on behalf of the teachers and students thanked the NGO for the kind gesture.

He promised they will use the books judiciously to improve and promote reading, writing and speaking of the Ewe language.
The School children and teachers were very pleased with this initiative and appreciated the foundation for the gesture.
Dumegã ESK Kwawu,a retired Teacher and a parent, who witnessed the program, commended Nunya Foundation for their effort to revive the Eʋegbe and encouraged all Eʋeviwo, home and abroad to support the foundation in this venture.

Nunya Foundation, a 20 member group gets their funding from members.
They are calling on all and sundry to join the foundation in order to help ensure that the younger generations value the importance of the speaking, reading and writing Eʋegbe.
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