History of Awuana Festival celebrated by the People of Logba Tota.

History of Awuana Festival celebrated by the People of Logba Tota.

Awuana Festival is celebrated by the people of Logba Tota in the Afadjato South District of the Volta Region. Also known as the Hill City Of Ghana, Logba Tota is one of the highest human settlements in the Volta Region and can boost of four solid tourist attraction sites.
Awuana means "Welcome". the word comes from the dialect spoken by the people of Logba called Ikpana. Logba Tota is the cleanest and neatest community in the Afadjato south district if not Volta. Most indigens are subsistent farmers and few on commercial farms. Best fruits such as pear, banana across the country are mostly from Logba, original alcohol and palmwine.
 People of Logba Tota are known to be the most hospitable community in the Volta Region hence the initiative of the welcoming festival to help boost domestic tourism in the community and to foster development.

The Awuana Festival is currently a major Impact on the development of cultural tourism to the Logba Tota community. The festival organizers are now using the historical and cultural themes to develop the annual event to attract visitors and creating cultural image in the region.

 This festival carries a positive impact in some three areas; attracting tourism, improving and projecting the image of the community and support the local community's development agenda. Just like a non profit organization, revenues generated from the festival goes into suggested projects as part of the development agenda for the community.
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