History of Konjo People of Uganda, East Africa.

History of Konjo People of Uganda, East Africa.

Konjo People also known as Bakonjo , Konzo and  Bakonzo they can be found in Uganda they are related to the Nande People of Dr. Congo and part of the Bantu Speaking people.
 Hunting and agriculture plays a big role for agriculture they grow crops such as yams include Cocoyam, Soybeans, Coffee, Bananas, Wheat, Cassava, Rice and for animal husbandry they select breeding and raise livestocks to promote desirable traits in animals they have poultry, Sheeps, Cottons and goats. 
 According to Anthropologist,  They traced their origins and once lived in what is now Elgon in Present day Eastern Uganda during the Kintu migration they came along with both Kintu and Buganda and later settled in the western highlands of Mount Rwenzori around 1300 AD others also claimed they inhabited the slopes of the mountain range into its Southern half on the outskirts of strong ethnic groups who spoke the language and dwell there others said they migrated from the West along with Bagis ethnic group, Bakiga ethnic group and Banyankole ethnic group some claimed they rather migrated from what is now modern day Congo Republic. 
Manhood Intiation is quite simialr to the Acholi ethnic group intiation male transform from Childhood to Adulthood therefore they reach puberty and undergo Circumcision Ceremony takes place as well male from the ages 3, 15, 17 are intiated as well.
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