History of Washubi People of Tanzania , East Africa .

History of Washubi People of Tanzania , East Africa .

Washubi People also known as Shubi People can be found in Tanzania , they are located in the Kagera region of Tanzania.
 They speak Shubi language, they are related to the Bugu  People in Mbeya region in the Southwestern Tanzania.
Washubi can be found mostly in the Northwestern part of Tanzania, they are also referred to as Sinja in the Kagera region , Biharamulo district , Northwest of Sumbwa , near lake Victoria , north Kigoma and Shinyanga regions as well .
 According to People group”s narration , Washubi People speak Shubi and Suj , overall they are 398.000 in numbers , they are part of the Bantu speaking people, central lakes people cluster within Subsaharan Africa , their primary language is Subi and wikiwand also narrated that they were 153,000 in numbers in 1987 .
Washubi People are traditionally agriculturalists and hunters . According to Afripov’s account , Washubi People lives along the borders of Tanzania and some parts of Rwanda, specifically in Ushubi in Ngara district , Rulenge division , Kagera region in the direction of Murusagamba Mganza in  Northwest Tanzania.
 The Washubi ethnic group  is also culturally and linguistically connected with many other Bantu ethnic groups such as Wahangaza . 
The Washubi People of Tanzania grow bananas, sorghum , maize , beans, cocoyam , cassava , rice and they  raised cows, sheeps, buffalos and others.
Subi or Washubi simply means the fearlessness and they were part of the Heru Kingdom ruled by Wakimbivi and It is believed due to the first King of Burundi death they had migrated out of Present day Burundi , settled in Karagwe district of Kagera region with the Nyambo People in Present day Tanzania before they establish their Present day settlements in Kargera region.

It is also claimed Washubi had migrated from Present day Ethiopia with the Iraqw, Mbugu or Bugu , Burungi and Gorowa about 1500s . They  also had settled in the Nyamwezi western region of Tanzania . 
According to the Oral History of Washubi People of Tanzania ,Washubi has a long history dates back to around the 16th Century.
 There was a King who ruled Present day Northern Uganda and part of Ankole known as Omugabe Ruhinda who was a son of Ndahura and the last Chwezi, It is believed Omugabe  Ruhinda of Ankole ruled from 1430 to 1446 , he sojourned with his grandson to Present day Karagwe.
 It is said after establishing his rule  in Karagwe , his grandchildren went to the areas of great lakes region , Omugabe Ruhinda one of his grandson went to Lusubi and established a strong administrative Kingdom in Nyarubungo, Katoke, Kitwechembogo , Ruzibha and other places .
 It is believed the Washubi People had strong relationship with the Waha , Wanyarwanda , Ankole and Mbugu before the Germans Invaded their territories .
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