Ada Magistrate Court Remands David Ayornu For Murdering Wife.

Ada Magistrate Court Remands David Ayornu For Murdering Wife.

 An Ada Magistrate Court in the hinter part part of the Greater Accra region, has remanded into prison custody, a man accused of killing his wife at 1:30am after a little fracas between them. David Ayornu, a resident of Ada Lufenya, murdered his own wife in cold blood without sympathy. The incident had been reported to the police officers in the area who thoroughly searched in the house of David Ayornu and later processed him for court after he was believed to have committed that premeditated murder on his wife. It is reported that David has been on the neck of the wife for a while now at the least mistake that may occur at home and then he would take an advantage of same to victimising and molesting his wife of many years in their relationship. He had therefore been found culpable of criminal charges against him for manslaughter and he is currently kept in the prison custody of the Ada police officers for further and better particulars to be obtained to aid them in his speedy prosecution. The police officers in the town are therefore giving the men in the community of the Ada township to refrain from beating and killing their wives but if they defy their humble advise, they would come after them and they will not be entertained if found guilty of any form of criminal case on their part.

 Ada is a fast growing community where fishing and farming are predominant occupations for the residents in and some few others engage in brisk businesses to make meaningful impacts on society which must be the hallmark of every reasonable individual. In many parts of the Ada Lufenya township, it is quite precarious to hear on the streets from the mouths of those who are residing in the community that, huge number of men in the area are fond of maltreating their wives which may just be a result of a misunderstanding between the men and their wives in their various families. It is worth noting that many women or the men themselves do not take time meticulously to think of the level of temperature by cautiously checking how calm or aggressive an individual may react when there is a pending scuffle between such people before making their final decisions and due to the lack of working on the temperament of such individuals, results greatly in some cases of brutality and physical assaults being meted out to some decent men and women who are as no fault of their, are enduring such excruciating traumatic stress and psychological schizophrenia coupled with paranoia which could be curbed and completely dealt with at the initial stages of their respective relationships before concluding on which path to take or not to take for a peaceful and harmonious tranquility to prevail in the marriage for the glory of God to be seen because God does not ordain or institute any marriage to face and experience setbacks and debacles.

 It is at the backdrop of this piece that our incoming and upcoming husbands and wives to be must be very carefully in determining and choosing their right and appropriate life partners diligently to avoid such unforeseen circumstances in the near foreseeable future which might be too late for any possible change of thoughts in decision making process because it could be too late for such avoidable mistakes from the very preliminary stages. If David Ayornu, a very young man full of youth exuberant; could exercise restraints, he would not have been found culpable for the murders being preferred against his persona at the moment and currently, he is in the firm grip of the police officers whilst languishing in excruciating pains without any compassion for considering of tempering justice with mercy.
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