Tamale: Armed Robbers Shot Dead Journalist, Others.

Tamale: Armed Robbers Shot Dead Journalist, Others.

There had been a robbery incident at the Tamale metropolis where many were attacked by gun welding men suspected to be armed robbers, dastardly shot to death a journalist, a mobile money vendor and few others. 
The police officers in the region are currently on a manhunt for the perpetrators of such a brutal and heinous crime in the community. The public police officers earlier assured the residents that they are on top of security situations in the regions after the indigenous people decried the high level of insecurity and volatile nature of how security has been trespassed in the region as hoodlums and bandits take over the entire region as a whole. Many people have lost their lives as a result of the inability of the public police officers to adequately combat the rate at which armed men with deadly weapons threaten and terrorise the residents with an impunity.
 The armed robbers in the region have been on tirade in search of the mobile money vendors most especially because, they have realised that, that business has become lucrative and it is booming in areas where business activities attain their peak state which others are cashing in huge significant amount of money on daily basis and as such, the robbers have planned to use some crooked means to amass wealth from the sweat and toil of those who are on the ground sacrificing to make ends meet. Due to the recurring events of armed robbery in the region, many people have fled the community whereby they are putting up with those who are somehow related to them or even on humanitarian ground. 

It is quite alarming how people have the quest to making money for free without any iota of struggle but rather, they will be in their hideout and be monitoring the suffering masses so as to loot them of their hard earned money and thereafter bolt away without being arrested or apprehended and because of that, they have grown horns in those illicit activities and due to that the level of their notoriety in towns where they know that police patrol teams are not visible or greatly felt or seen by the residents, they take such an opportunity to unleash mayhem on the innocent people who are struggling to put food on their table.

 The police officers in the region, during the events leading to Last week, lamented how difficult it is in the region for them in the region to undertake a thorough police patrol due to logistical constraints and it is on that very basis that such notorious thugs and robbers joined their hands together in the region to be stealing and shooting those their think of having money in their treasuries. 

But the it is high time that the residents in the region took proper care of their security matters because it could be said that if you do not take care of your personal life and properties, who would protect them for you? It is without any shred of doubts that police to citizens ratio in the country is way below the margin expected in the country.
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