I won't contribute Penny to National Cathedral project- Prophet Kumchacha.

I won't contribute Penny to National Cathedral project- Prophet Kumchacha.

 The construction of the national cathedral project, which has incurred the wrath and agony of many Ghanaians including some prominent members from the clergy, is still receiving a sharp disapproval and rejection as others who think they have something profitable to gain from it, are favourishly projecting that agenda so that the day it materialises, then fortune will smile on them on that fateful day. 

The building of the cathedral received numerous upheavals from all well meaning citizens including those who are religious and inclined to doing the things of Ghana when the issue of donating money from the pockets of ordinary Ghanaians popped up as they were requested to contribute towards the construction of the building.
 It was last week that it came to light that the president thought when he says the presidency under his debauched leadership doles out 25.000 Ghc of tax payers in support of the construction, then he would be celebrated by Ghanaians but rather he was utter made fun of for undertaking a misplaced prioritised project which will of no benefit to the economic development of the Ghanaian people. One of the most respected clergymen in the religious industry is prophet Kumchacha.

 Prophet Kumchacha, a notable and a renowned marriage counselor of many years, has unequivocally declared his final stance on the construction of the cathedral. According to him, he does not fathom the actual motive behind the construction of the building before other religious leaders in the country are towing the cause of that so called edifice in the country. 
He therefore stated that, such individuals who are in the house of Ghana advocating for the building of such an edifice called national cathedral, they are beneficiaries of the money being invested into the construction and that is why they are all speaking in favour of the establishment of the building in the country.
 He stated that, even if a child who is young enough to be his grand child, has the right to call him a monkey if he pays even a pesewa towards such a building which numerous number of Ghanaians have spoken strongly against as a result of their rejection of that edifice. 
He further explained that, he has no gain or whatever to derive from the building hence his total disapproval of same but on the part of his other religious leaders who are in favour and urging people to contribute towards the construction of the church edifice, they know very well about what they are receiving and gaining from that particular project because those in charge and receiving philanthropists' supports and other individual donors, are board chairmen or members and what have you and because of that, they are quick and fast to speak for the rest of people that are accruing something meaningful from the project.
 Many citizens in the country would not have registered their ultimate displeasure about the construction though but due to that huge colossal amount of money given out by the President through the finance ministry as if it is his personal money, infuriated the nerves of Ghanaians because the country is not on the right track when it matters most on the economic front. Ghana's economy is currently struggling to survive due to insatiable appetite for borrowing and its subsequent profligate spending on the part of the government and its appointees.
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