Ghana's Inflation rate reaches the deadliest as cost of living soars.

Ghana's Inflation rate reaches the deadliest as cost of living soars.

 The cost of food and fuel prices in Ghana, are rising exponentially as the inflation of the nation hits the unimaginable target of 27.6%, the highest ever since Ghana attained Independence from the British Colonial rule over two generations ago. Ghanaians have been lamenting the poor level at which the government tackles and handles the issues relating to the economy of the country as the profligate nature under which the government spends and imports goods, is not much to be desired by any patriotic citizens of the country unless the person is a crooked nation wrecker. 
The economy of the country is in a state of coma as many businesses struggle to be on their right paths due to the unfriendly nature of the economy. Overwhelming number of businesses have folded up in the country as the debilitating state of the country's economy could not withstand the stability of such businesses which many have attributed to misappropriation and financial malfeasance on the part of the government when it comes to how the scarce resources of the country are being utilised or distributed towards national development.
 The rate at which prices of goods and services are rising quick and fast in the country but no such pragmatic solutions are being designed and formulated to dealing with the failing economy, beats the imaginations of others because the head of the economic management team of the present government is the vice president of the Republic of Ghana. Vice president Mahamudu Bawumia, has been touted by many as an economic wizard who has the acumen and the prowess to solving the economic downturn of the country but it seems as though all such loud mouths speaking individuals thought managing an economy to be stable and resilient lies only on philosophy and theoretical knowledge acquired through some sort of favouritism or means of bureaucracy due to financial status on certain individuals in society, but it is clear that the reality of managing an economy to be robust and progressive, has stricken the thinking faculties of such people because, they do not blow up their own crafted trumpet devised to con the masses in believing that they are something else who could conjure financial prosperity from heaven without taking into consideration the economic fundamentals of that particular nation. 
The people of Ghana are now decrying the poor manner in which the economy is being managed by the economic management team and the finance ministry because the rate at which cost of living has hit the entire country is deadly and scary to many citizens to cope with any longer. 

As the inflation of the country hits the alarming rate of 27.6%, the government still disburses the resources of the state to be spent on activities that are considered to be inappropriate content and misplaced priority simply because the country needs money to quickly revive and restore the economic fortune of the nation which will in the longer run, make life and living easier for the people of Ghana but as it stands now, life has become unbearable as if the country is under draconian austerities.
 Ghana has been endowed with numerous natural resources yet still, the citizens struggle on daily basis to make ends meet because the resources of the state are in the hands of some few people who are political appointees and boot lickers in the country.
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