Date for NPP's congress  finally revealed.

Date for NPP's congress finally revealed.

The governing New Patriotic Party, has scheduled, 15th and 17th July for its national executive elections. About forty eight staunch and elegible members of the party, have so far filed to contest in their upcoming national Congress where national executive members would be elected to steer the affairs of the party for the next four years. The party earlier opened nominations for those aspired to contest for the various positions available in the party to do so and after carefully scrutiny and vetting of candidates, a total of 48 candidates have finally been settled on to compete for this year's national executive elections in the party. Some of the positions being contested for are the, chairmanship position, general secretary position, national treasurer position, national youth organiser position, national youth coordinator position and some other mouthwatering posts being contested for in the party.
 Campaigning is currently ongoing at the constituency levels in the country for those who are challenging for such various positions in their attempt to canvass more votes from the delegates of the party who are mandated by the party's constitution to vote on that fateful day when polls would be opened for the delegates to cast their secret ballots to vote for those that they think are competent enough to be trusted with the leadership mantle in the party.
It is reported that, some candidates are currently on vote buying spree in the various constituencies across the country by inducing and influencing the conscience of delegates who must vote freely for their preferred candidates. 
The executive members who are to be voted for on the 15 and 17 July this year, are going to be assigned with such a herculean task to winning 2024 general elections for both presidential and parliamentary elections so as to break the eight years jinx.

 It is not all that well with some reliable and credible members of the party who are also vying for various positions in the party because, the country is not doing financial well when it comes to matters in relation to the economy of the country.
 Such individuals are feeling shy of campaigning in certain constituencies of the country for fear of being stoned or chased out by some disgruntled members of the party who think they are only being used by the part's hierarchical authorities for their own parochial interest thereby neglecting them after winning their respective votes after vigorous campaigns.
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