Quickly downsize your Government- PPP tells Nana Addo.

Quickly downsize your Government- PPP tells Nana Addo.

 The national chairman of the Progressive People's Party, Nana Ofori owusu, has appealed to the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa, to as a matter of an urgency, reduce the large size of his government to salvage the country from remaining in the ditch. According to him, Ghana is currently facing financial stress due to the larger number of people he appointed to work under his administration.
 The national chairman of the Progressive People's Party, indicated that, if the president listens to the kind advice his party is sending forward through him as the party's national chairman, the country would be saved from the current economic unfriendly environment created by the leadership.
 He added that, the number of people being paid by the Controller and Accountant General's Department as government appointees, is a total drain on the national purse but when the president reduces the number, things will pick up and augur well for the growth of the country but without leading a lean government, Ghanaian voters should not think the country would be headed to anywhere transformational when it comes to developmental issues.
 It should be noted that, it is not only the PPP national chairman and the party as a whole that are urging the government led by Nana Addo to urgently cut down the size of his government appointees but other well meaning Ghanaians pleaded for same but suddenly, their pleadings fell on deaf ears because, such an appointment made by the president himself, is one of the ways through which jobs are created for political booth lickers to stick and stay with the party during its thick and thin moments. 

The economy of Ghana currently, is on a life support machine that could be described as the worst ever since this noble county attained an emancipation from the British colonial authorities over sixty years ago without any shred of ambiguity. Ghana's inflation figure now is fast rising exponentially causing the local currency to depreciate significantly against major trading currencies in the world as a result of mismanagement, profligate spending and financial Malfeasance on the part of government and its political appointees. There are some people who think they know it all because of that, they do not have listening ears when you think you are advising them on certain matters of national interest for our collective steady progress with the notion that they are the leaders therefore, there is nobody who could counsel them on issues of national importance. 
Others also personify that, if they are being advised as that, it may appear as though they are not competent enough with the actual acumen to handling and governing the affairs of the nation. 
A wise leader, is an individual who listens to his subordinates more than he speaks when it comes to quality leadership and with this sensible management etiquette, Ghanaians are hoping and trusting that, the president as being the father of the country, would lend his ears to the call for a slim government from the president, led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.
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