ECG Disconnects Power To Wontumi Tv&Radio Stations Over 25.000 GHC Power Theft.

ECG Disconnects Power To Wontumi Tv&Radio Stations Over 25.000 GHC Power Theft.

 The law is made for a man and not a man is made for the law; that is how some legal luminaries would simply put it when it matters most on judicial issues where an individual flouts and falls foul at the face of the law in Ghana but not, it is quite hard for you to hear such an amazing expression either on radio or on television because, the law has become a toothless bulldog and thus; it is applicable to the poor and defenceless only.

 You could easily hear that, some people are facing judicial prosecution in Ghana for illegally connecting power onto the national grid without lawful authority engineered by and authorised by the Electricity Company of Ghana, the ECG. it emerged in the news at the latter part of the week that, the celebrated chairman of the New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti region, was caught up in an illegal connection to his numerous companies and entities in the region when he was exposed by certain patriotic individuals who voluntarily blew up the whistle on his unauthorised and suspicious activities pertaining to the usage of electricity in his business sectors. Many people thought as it was established that incontestable evidences were provided to substantiate the illegal electrical engineering and connection to his companies freely without paying even a penny for it, he would have been in the dock by now answering charges of stealing and abatement of crime and defrauding by false presences but the law is stipulated for the poor and not the wealthy or the influential in society. 

Chairman Wontumi, the Ashanti regional chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party, has been using power to operate his business entities in the region; Wontumi television, radio station and some other sectors under his auspices without rendering an account on what his multi billion companies are using the power to generate but nobody in an authority has questioned his clandestine and criminal activities. He is a celebrity to some ground of people and such individuals do not want to hear anything regarding what he had done by pretentiously benefiting and reaping from where he had not sowed.

 It is now that the Electricity Company of Ghana, has taken a bold step to disconnect power to his large companies in the Ashanti region for stealing electricity amounting to a whopping total of; 25.000 cedis without being arrested because he is a rich and famous to the political bigwigs who are at the helm of affair in the country. 

Such so called leaders are quick to crack the whip on the vulnerable citizens who they think have no political will or locus to interrogate or question their authority over their political correctness where their own members would misconduct themselves in the full glare of the public but no punishment would be meted out or inflicted upon those people but if you are an original person as in an instance of being a cleaner or a petty trader before you know or realise, people calling themselves the law enforcement officers in the country would pounce on you as if you are a fugitive who escaped from lawful custody under a locked shackles but here we are, a well known regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, popularly known as Chairman Wontumi, stole and robbed the electricity company of Ghana over Power theft incurring damages and costs to the company totally; 25.000 Ghana cedis with an impunity.

 It tells you that such people call themselves influential and wealthy because of their unexplained sources of where and how they acquired their money in the country. We do not envy and begrudge such people because we are contented with whatever we have as required by the dictates and principles of the Holy Bible of the Christian faith. Those people are worldly individuals who want to be celebrated by society on daily basis even though they are thieves and criminally intent with the unclean spirit to steal and defraud you without you knowing. 

A common fowl thief may be arrested to face the full rigours of the law which cost about 40 cedis but a whole Ashanti regional chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party, deliberately stole power amounting to: 25. 000 Ghana cedis, he is being treated as an angel of the Lord God because, it is the immoral and criminal activities such people are eating on daily basis and using such to siphon the resources of the country.
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