Ghana Is Worse Off Despite Natural Resources God Endowed Us As A Nation-Hon. Dzifa Gomashie goofs at government.

Ghana Is Worse Off Despite Natural Resources God Endowed Us As A Nation-Hon. Dzifa Gomashie goofs at government.

The member of parliament on the ticket of the main opposition political party in Ghana, National Democratic Congress, NDC, in the Ketu South Constituency of the Volta Region, Honourable Dzifa Abla Gomashie, has lambasted government for its knee jerk attitude and approach in salvaging the country from her current comatose economic downturn despite the numerous resources available at our disposal as a nation.

 She chastised the Akufo Addo led administration for causing the country to retrogress significantly due to his poor leadership and incompetence even though he claimed from the onset that he had men who were adept enough to take the country to the next level on the world radar but here we are; begging for alms from the International community where you could hardly see or know of the various natural resources that they are possessed with as compared with ours in Ghana but, due to profligate spending, embezzlement and misappropriation of our valuable resources, the country has been hurled into the ditch without any possible rescue or emancipation.

 According to her, Ghanaians thought by now, Ghana would have been a leading country in the forefront of the most prosperous and financially resilient state amongst the world's leading financial growth countries across the continent but it is never the case because of an incongruous leadership style of the incumbent president and his planless and clueless appointees who have no single solution to profess in dealing with the failing status quo of the country when it matters most on the development issues of Ghana. 

She further questioned the authority of the current president as to whether he is still the head of state of the country or he is just seating on the seat whilst calling himself the president of the Republic of Ghana because, nothing profitable comes out of his leadership and governance due to his level of visionlessness and purposelessness coupled with short mindedness, the country has found herself in a situation where her rescuers have fled and desserted from her as she defied and resisted every form of deep and formidable suggestions provided to her but because of her high handedness and pomposity of arrogance cultural of disobedience, everyone with the inscrutable acumen of leadership skills and competences, she is left alone on the desert island where bandits and miscreants have mounted pillars of bulls and horns against her territory. 

Ghanaians would agree that it is not only the member of parliament for the Ketu South constituency alone who is livid highly about where our dear country has found herself as a nation while we the youth sit idle without keenly fighting to saving the country from the hands of thugs and nation wreckers so that she becomes a better place for us all to living in without borrowing huge colossal amounts of money from other partners before the country is developed because we are the future leaders of this current dispensation which is being destroyed and deteriorated by the aged who think they are the only people who hold the keys of the country to send her to her destined land.

 It is high time we rose up on our feet and revolted against every form of oppressors' rule as pledged and vowed by our national anthem of the Republic of Ghana.
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