Ghana Immigration Service repatriates over 1,000 Nigeriens back home.

Ghana Immigration Service repatriates over 1,000 Nigeriens back home.

The Ghana Immigration Service in collaboration with the Embassy of Niger, had unanimously agreed and repatriated about 1,320 nationals of Niger back to their home country after engaging themselves in begging for alms on the streets of Ghana most especially in the national capital, Accra. 
The Ghana Immigration Service engaged in talks with the representatives of the Nigeriens government in Ghana to chart possible and safer ways of sending the child beggars back home to their country who have taken over major streets and towns of Ghana into begging arenas without having a break on their draconic activities in Ghana.
 The ministry of gender and social protection of Ghana, revealed that such large quantum of child beggars have been sent back home to their own country due to their increasing insecurity and harm they posed to society and the nation as a whole. 
According to the ministry, Ghana Immigration Service had been deliberating on how to evict such individuals from the street corners to making the roads safe for the motorists and pedestrian users hence their thorough decision to involve the Embassy of Niger in the process to arrive at a definite and conclusion plan to getting a rid of those teenage beggars who have taken over the streets as their first home whereby running around every car or anyone who passes by just to beg for financial assistant. The ministry wonders how such huge number of Nigeriens nationals have been able to cross our borders down to the country without being arrested or retained immediately back to their own country but rather they maneuvered the loopholes in the system and intruded into the territories of Ghana without doing anything meaningful or significant in the country except to engage in stealing and begging for financial supports from passersby. 

Some consulate members in the Nigerien Embassy, were shocked to their bone marrows as to how such infant nationals would leave Niger to come to Ghana and be on the streets just to be begging for alms from people where their parents were in far away Niger.

 In the view points of some of the officials at the Nigerien Embassy, it was disclosed that such disobedient child beggars fled from their various houses in Niger without the prior permission or approval from their parents because, there would not be any tangible reason as to why those babies should be permitted to come down here and be chasing people on the streets for survival. On the part of the Ghana Immigration Service, its officers declared their readiness to combat with vigilance at the borders in case they suspect of any possible intrusion of those individuals coming from Niger into the country again through unapproved routes leading to the territories of Ghana and beyond. 

The service indicated that, as such miscreants behaviours have become rampant in Ghana and other west African subregions where child beggars have formulated unscrupulous ways of coming into neighbouring countries through other secret openings, they would soon embark on national exercises to repatriate all the child beggars on the principal streets of Ghana who originated from various West African countries to maintain law and order in bringing total sanity onto our ways.
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