Nigerian Terrorists detained after Catholic Church attack.

Nigerian Terrorists detained after Catholic Church attack.

 The tragedy which took the precious souls of more than fifty people during a church service in the South Western part of Nigeria in a Catholic church where christian believers were locked up in a moment of worship, has seen another twist and turn of events as authorities in the area have announced their capture and detention of those alleged to be the brain behind such atrocious activities in the country. 

The Nigerian security forces have indicated that, they clamped down on those whose hands were littered with human blood about three weeks ago when suspected boko haram group launched spirited attacks on a Catholic church in the community killing at least more than fifty christian worshippers in the country without any any been made. 

But earlier yesterday, there was some sort of gallant jubilation when the Nigerian government security forces published that they had closed doors on the people who dastardly embarked upon murdering those christian believers in the Catholic church of Nigeria. 

Nigeria has been facing stiff security threats from the camp of boko haram group members who are aiming at destabilising the country to bring total chaos and insurrection as they endeavour to toppling the government of president Buhari and his appointees.
 It has been rumoured in some instances that, those terrorists members are receiving secret backing of some prominent political individuals in the same Buhari government just to make the country ungovernable so that certain crop of political figures in his administration would have the laxity to forming an alliance to vy for the presidency. 
Boko Haram members have taken it upon themselves to embark on killing innocent Nigerian christian believers and Islamic faiths in the country causing mayhems and commotions in major parts of the country where they suspect of a significant religious activity is ongoing in the area so that they could disrupt such faith based activity. 

As it stands now, the Nigerian government is sick and tired of boko haram activities which had already caused the lives of closed to a whopping amount of one million Nigerian people and other valuable nationals since the insurgence of their activities came to light during the political era of the erstwhile administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. 
Though the administration of his government gave assurances of dealing and crushing down on the ground members ruthlessly, their activities continued to progress steadily during the leadership of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan after his administration declared war on the members of the faceless group, boko haram.

 Many argued that though the regime of president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan promised to deal with and clamp down on the activities of boko haram which were causing nightmares to his government without having peace and security in the country, his administration should be voted out of power because it failed in solving the high level of insecurity in the Nigerian communities hence there was a regime change of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to General Mohamadu Buhari with the view that, he been a former military armed forces officer in the Nigerian Amy, he has the acumen of physical and military tactics that could be deployed in eradicating the activities of the boko haram group members which dominated and triggered massive intrusion and incursions through to many parts of the Nigerian community dwellers where the presence of the security forces are seldomly seen and felt on the ground.
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