Ghanaians are suffering because Akufo Addo sold His Father's properties- Fmr. CPP Vice Chair alleges.

Ghanaians are suffering because Akufo Addo sold His Father's properties- Fmr. CPP Vice Chair alleges.

A former vice chairperson of the Convention People's Party, The CPP, Madam Rhodaline Imoro Ayarna, has alleged that the economic hardship being borne by the people of Ghana, is as a result of one particular thing. 

According her, the state of the Ghanaians financial issues, would not turn out for good unless he finishes his remaining years.
 She stated that, people should cast their minds back to his source of funding for his campaign activities and see if there would be any good news to expect from his failed leadership. She indicated that, Akufo Addo sold several billions of properties belonging to his late father to run his campaign activities when he was vying for the presidency and due to that, he is trying to accrue every penny he spent after selling off those properties so that he would not be counting his losses in the near future. 
Madam Ayarna pointed it out that, such actions on the part of Ghanaian political class are not helpful and thus it is a wrong decision to make because if everyone could sell his or her parents' valuable assets to raise funds for campaign activities so that when that very fellow wins then the person will loot resources from the coffers of the state as a form of a compensation, it would not not take the country to anywhere profitable and those who are engaging such bad thoughts, are setting up a deadly and retrogressive precedence for the Ghanaian youth. Such remarks emanated from the voice of the CPP ex vice chairperson in response to the numerous mind bugging challenges Ghana are battling with when it comes to the matters relating to the economy of the country. Many people in Ghana are struggling financially due to the debilitating nature of the economy which is not giving any tangible assurance for a possible hope and revival.
 Madam Rhodaline Imoro Ayarna, simply has answers to all your pressing challenges and she is saying that the president is currently diverting the resources of the state to his private purse because the amount of money he spent on his campaign trail after selling off his father's properties, he seriously determined to getting it back and because of that, things are very harsh economically in the country.
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