NPP accuses government of Unfairness towards Togbe Afede.

NPP accuses government of Unfairness towards Togbe Afede.

 The New Patriotic Party has blamed government for what it called unfair treatment meted out to Togbe Afede after the issue of his rejection of an ex gratia payment to his person came to light.
 The NPP has jumped into the raging debate to register its stance on the whole brouhaha over the matter. According to the NPP, the government led by Nana Addo, did not treat Togbe Afede humanely because of how some government appointees jabbed and lambasted the illustrious man of all virtues after he intentionally rejected a huge colossal amount of money paid him as his ex gratia when he served as the former chairman of the council of state and later, a member of the council of state. The whole issue did not go down well with the government officials who were in the views that Togbe Afede frowned the payment of the ex gratia just to embarrass the government. 
The thought of the government officials is that, as Togbe disowned the money paid him, it would in the long run encumber them from receiving same because that is what all of them are fighting for behind the scenes. Birds of a feather flock together and people are wondering how come the NPP is chastising government for treating Togbe with scornful attitudes when he willingly distanced himself from the issues of an ex gratia taking into consideration the poor state of the country's economic situation.

 The issue of the New Patriotic Party jumping into the fray to defending Togbe Afede whilst opposing and berating the manner in which the government is handling the matter, it is as if; if a tilapia comes out and tells you that a crocodile is suffering from a stomach ache you have to believe because they are all aquatic animals. It is somehow weird how the NPP intended to come into the news through such an unusual mean to tell the people of Ghana that it is not in support of how the government and its appointees are heavily on the neck of Togbe Afede.
 It is clear that the economy of Ghana is seriously struggling to survive but our Ghanaian political class will tell you a different story even though they all know the real fact on the ground.
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