Over 30 Students Of Islamic Senior High School Hospitalised after Police allegedly fired tear gas.

Over 30 Students Of Islamic Senior High School Hospitalised after Police allegedly fired tear gas.

The police administration in the Ashanti regional town of Abepo, are currently counting their heads as to what might motivate their subordinates that they dispatched to coil a purported demonstration by the students of Islamic Senior High School in the region, but rather it turned out in flood of tears. 
The students of the school, peacefully took it upon themselves to register their displeasure about the deplorable nature of the roads in the vicinity leading to countless loss of lives to demand a swift action from the authorities to addressing their pressing needs. 
The demonstrators used the streets at the entrance of the school just to press home their demands to be met as to whip up the leadership will in the authorities of the region to be proactive in curbing the spate of road carnage on the road but when the police officers arrived at the scenes of the demonstration, they could not exercise restraints as it appeared as though they were overwhelmed such harmless and toothless students. The police officers then, with no tangible consideration and thoughtful perusal of the real unfolding events transpiring on the ground, unleashed their anger and vexation on the teenage protesters thereby firing live bullets into the midst of the students and unfortunately in the process, over thirty students were shot and some of them are nursing scary and horrifying degrees of unpleasant injuries. 
The police officers could not handle the situation professionally the moment they arrived because to restrain such harmless individuals from protesting should not be any hatchet but rather it calls for disciplined and tactical approach in dealing with the actual fact on the ground because they were not registering their displeasure with ammunitions or any form of a deadly weapon where the police officers could point out that it was due to that particular instance that they were compelled to using maximum and brute force in clashing out with the students. 
Upon some verifiable accounts of some reliable witnesses, the police officers began releasing and thrusting tear gas on those vulnerable protesters the moment they took hold of the event scenes causing masses of the demonstrators to become fainted and suffocate. Such activities and actions undertaken by the police officers, resulted in tragedy as over 30 of the teens were rushed to the nearby hospital for a medical attention. 
This whole thing must be bothered on how the police administration is training its officers in crowd control and the subsequent management and in an addition with their handling of riots. Even though in Ghana presently, the level at which lawlessness has reared its ugly head, such peaceful demonstration youth should not at any point in time be meted with brute force because their well organised protest does not warrant that kind of an uncivilised conduct from the police officers who could not do anything meaningful in putting the issues under control but went ahead ignorantly and added fuel and fire to the injury. 
The earthly parents of the students who were severely hurt and wounded in the process, learnt of the unsightly event and saw things for them. Many of such parents who thronged the scenes of the unfolded event, could not compose themselves as some of them broke down in tears with the invoking of curses and spells on those who maltreated and assaulted those students in that highly condemnable manner. But since the fallout of that tragic scuffle which unfortunately transpired between the unprofessional and indisciplined police officers and the like the law abiding students of Islamic Senior High School, the police hierarchy has not confirmed their learning of events neither has it condemned the malevolent manner in which its dispatched officers brutally dealt with the demonstrating students over the deplorable status of their roads which has been leading to numerous people losing their lives on daily basis.
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