If Ondo Murderers Escape, Call Me A Counterfeit Bishop - David Oyedo.

If Ondo Murderers Escape, Call Me A Counterfeit Bishop - David Oyedo.

 The founder of Winners Chapel International, Bishop David Oyedo, has unleashed his anger and vexation of those who bombed the worshippers in the Catholic Church at Ondo on Sunday exactly a week yesterday. 
The man of God stated that there would not be any room for them to flee because what they did they must be dealt with brutally. Bishop David Oyedo, who after the terrorists slew over 50 Catholic Church members on Sunday, declared that he has given the killers 7 day ultimate to avail themselves and own up that they were the ones who perpetrated such a heinous crime against humanity and if they do not turn up and confess of their dastardly acts, then he Bishop David Oyedo has not been called by God. He indicated that his only ultimate given to the murderers would let them know that there is power above all powers and thus; such individuals must be arrested immediately to face the full length of the law to serve as a deterrent to others who may endeavour to undertake same evil deed. 
His one week ultimate he gave as a maximum period for the killers to be found, elapsed yesterday and truly, such individuals who committed the acts, have been found as earlier indicated by the man of God. Bishop David Oyedepo, a renowned clergy man in Nigeria, is known for his extraordinary miracles and healing powers bestowed on him by God and everything he says which aligns with the purposes of God, materialises and manifests.
 As he said that if the murderers are not found within a week, then it means he has not been called by God and therefore, it means he is a fake man of God but if indeed they are found within the one week ultimate he gave then it means he has really been anointed and called into ministry. 
As it stands now, he is being celebrated because everything he declared came to pass as he rightly put it last week without mincing words. Unknown terrorists invaded a Catholic Church in Ondo in Nigeria where they were worshipping and killed over fifty members and took to their heels. 
According to the church members, such terrorists disguised themselves as though they were worshippers as well because they dressed in a similar outlook which convinced them to believe that they might be their own members coming from other branches.
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