NDC Chalks One Generation As Party Gears Up For Elections Victory 2024

NDC Chalks One Generation As Party Gears Up For Elections Victory 2024

The National Democratic Congress, The NDC, is has clocked 30 years since its establishment by the former President Jerry John Rawlings. 
In activities lined up for the celebration, the director of elections for the party, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, has called on the electoral commission to open up for stakeholder consultation to making the elections outcomes free, fair and transparent without any contention. According to Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the surest way for the election commission to clean its image of any doubts on how it conducts the elections. He said the electoral commission much be inclusive in its decision making process so that no iota of secrecy against one party or the other would be leveled on its reputation. 
The director of elections of the National Democratic Congress, stated that, what happened in the 2016 and its subsequent repetition in the 2020, would not augur well for the peace and security of the country and therefore, the electoral commission must engage thoroughly those who would be involved in the elections contest in the upcoming year and include them in every form of inclusiveness so that the transparency and impartiality they are all yearning for; would be seen and applauded by all well meaning Ghanaians. The National Democratic Congress as a formidable political party, had been in an opposition after it lost the 2016 general elections to the New Patriotic Party, the NPP which the NDC party, suspected a foul play on the part of the electoral commission against the party. 

The party took up the matter to the Supreme Court of Ghana, to challenge the outcome of the election results as they believed that the commission worked against them and was favourable to the NPP which brought the party into power again.
 Elvis Afriyie Ankrah intimated that, if they were not to be peace loving people in the National Democratic Congress, what would happen in those two fraudulent general elections where the electoral commission declared Nana Akufo Addo, as the winner, it would be a horrible and unsightly spectacles for Ghanaians and the whole world to witness but because they had the country at heart and they did not want to engage themselves in any untowards, they controlled their temper even though they strongly held their ultimate view that the electoral commission cheated them during the acclamation of the final national election results.
 The party is therefore, appealing to all card bearing members of the party and those who have attained the age of 18, to do the right thing come 2024 to vote against the governing New Patriotic Party which has led the country into a state of coma without remedies. 
He has therefore called on the party faithfuls to do their possible best within their power to return the party back into power in 2024 when the contentious second term of Nana Addo comes to an end.
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