Sunyani SHS Suspends 7 Female Students.

Sunyani SHS Suspends 7 Female Students.

 The authorities of Sunyani Senior High School in the Bono region, have as a matter of an urgency, evicted seven out of the numerous female students under their auspicious for committing themselves into immoral activities which were considered to have flouted the regulations of the school. 
The seven girls under contention, sneaked out of the school premises without lawful authorities sanctioning it and went ahead with some male hooligans in the community who invited them to join them smoke shisha. 
The whole scenario baffled the minds of the school authorities as to what would motivate such young female students to desire and crave for such worldly lifestyles at their tender ages. The school authorities, have therefore, taken the bold fearless decision by sacking them from the school pending further and thorough investigations into the entire indecent. 

The leaders in the school are believing that there might be some other students involved in such dirty acts who have not been caught up in the process but investigations are ongoing to unravel and ascertain the true state of the whole reputation jeopardisation issue which does not speak well about the integrity of the school. It is established that, upon the request of the area guys in town to those seven girls to meet them in a planned and an agreed location, the seven students in question, took a French leave and went out to meet such miscreants who later lured them to engage in such shun activities. 
The school has cautiously indicated that, any other student or students found culpable would not be spared and countenanced as it declares war on indiscipline conducts under its jurisdiction.
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