Hardened criminals invaded house Of Kwadaso MCE

Hardened criminals invaded house Of Kwadaso MCE

The private residence for the Municipal Chief Executive of Kwadaso has been looted by certain elements of society believed to be rascals and riffraff miscreants whose aim is to cause instability and total disorder in the community. 
But luckily for the municipal Chief Executive and his entire family, they were not available at home before the thieves buggled through their territories to attacking them and looting them of their personal assets valued at high rates amounts.

 According to Richmond Agyenim Boateng, the Municipal Chief Executive, he was aware with his family for some appointed assignments but suddenly upon his return, he suspected of an intrusion and incursions on his residence causing him fear and panic amongst his family members as well where it is practically becoming impossible for them to sleep comfortably because they do not know when exactly such dangerous gangs will terrorise them again in their next move. 

Informations garnered from some eyewitnesses in the centre where the incident unfolded from where they pleaded to remain on conditions of anonymity, the alleged gangsters bolted away with expensive materials and other valuables calculated to be in several millions of Ghana cedis but to the Municipal Chief Executive, nothing of that sort matters to him most more than his personal life through which he could easily recuperate from every form of theft meted out to his private house.

 It is however not clear, what exactly necessitated the unwarranted attacks unleashed on the residence for municipal Chief Executive Officer of the Kwadaso municipality but it is assumed that, it is possible there might likely be an informant who alerted and spilled the beans in the security of the municipal hero who is just going about his normal duties as mandated by him through our constitution.

 He has since reported the incident to the police officers in the area to embark on a thorough investigation to ascertain what exactly amounted to the invasion of his territory and by an extension, looting out his priceless valuables amounting to several millions of Ghana cedis with an impunity. 

Criminal activities in the Kwadaso area have been on the quick ascendency which the police officers are very much aware of the disturbing phenomena but they only assured the residents of their support in case of any incident involving of that nature but yet still, the activities of such notorious miscreants are rising exponentially causing fear and insecurity amongst those who are living in those areas.

 The Municipal Chief Executive Officer who was attacked by the said individuals in his residence, is the same individual who is the head of security in the whole municipality but he had been robbed without any pragmatic solutions to the growing incidents of criminal activities happening in the entire municipality where he is the leader and head of security at the municipal level. 

The attacks unleashed on his private residence, is believed to be a targeted ploy on his personal life and that of his whole family because of his political stature in the municipality hence such attacks launched on his house to just cause him fear and insecurity to as it were, vacate his mouthwatering position due to insecurity and threats on his life and that of his family so that someone else who is highly determined to taking over from him, assumes the same position he recuses himself from in the municipality.
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