Vormawor faces treason felony charge in court.

Vormawor faces treason felony charge in court.

 The criminal case involving the convener of the socialist group, fix the country, has been finally dragged to Court for criminal indictments charges levelled against his personality surrounding the case where he was alleged to have uttered damning and degrading remarks concerning the implementation of the earlier ratified bill seeking to accrue money from the users of electronic banking services in Ghana. Oliver Bakah Vomawor was alleged to have said on his Facebook page that, "if the e-levy implementation is approved in Ghana by president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, there would be turbulence and chaos in the country because he is going to organise citizens across the length and breadth of this country to rise up against such a repressive and repugnant decision taken by the government regarding the implementation of the electronic banking charges. 

Oliver Bakah Vomawor is ultimately billed and scheduled to appear at the High Court of Ghana on September, 1st to face charges of treason felony preferred on him in the company of his lawyers to defend himself as to why he should not be prosecuted for delivering speeches that were thought and considered to be dangerous and harmful to the peace and security of Ghana which were likely to cause political instability and destabilising the governance structures of the country Ghana.
 According to evidences contained in a charge sheet presented to the court by legal officers working at the attorney general's department, they have obtained enough incontestable facts and to substantiate their criminal charges in which they have used to implicate and indict Vormawor for his uncivilised comments against the sovereignty and constitutionally elected government under the current president Nana Addo. 

In the earlier indicated statements remarked by Vormawor, there would be war in Ghana if the president goes ahead to grant his executive instrument in assenting his final approval of the implementation of the electronic banking services to be accepted on those who are using such identified services in the country and by which he was later arrested by the public security police officers at the Ashaiman District Police Command in which he subsequently sought bail through his lawyers. In Ghana, treason felony charge against anyone in the country is a criminal and serious crime which is unbailable if found guilty by a competent court of jurisdiction.

 Now he is expected to appear in court on 1st September is to face charges of treason felony preferred against him so as to argue for his defense as to why he should not be committed to jail for making and pronouncing statements that are tantamount to jeopardise the stability of Ghana and by an extension, causing anarchy and coup de' tat of same.
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