Krachi West: Mango and cashew Farmers  trained on how to control diseases in farms.

Krachi West: Mango and cashew Farmers trained on how to control diseases in farms.

Mango and cashew Farmers in Krachi West Municipality of the Oti region were trained on how to control diseases in their farms. 

Farmers in the Municipality were always complaining of losing their farm products as diseases take over very year. 
In line with this, that the Municipal Agriculture collaborate with MAG,a Canadian base NGO and GPRS came together to take the farmers through a training that will seek to the end of the farmers problems.

The Facilitator,Mr. Hope Obeng,who toke the farmers through the training asked them to always try to know if their mangoes and cashew fruits are save by setting up the inserts trackers by handing the trackers box in the farmers.

He said,once you see the inserts trackers with the inserts,then you should know your farm is in danger then you have to again set the killer to kills them off before they attacks the farm.

He advised the farmers to have more time for the farms if they really want to get profit from it.
The farmers were again taking through our to prom their mangoes for it to bear more fruits.
He asked the farmers to always do the after harvest proming the same month they do harvesting and again do the shirt proming so the mangoes can have fresh air and sunshine.
The Municipal Agriculture Director, Mr Atta Adusei who was happy with the help from the organizer,told the media that this will not be last time the Municipal Agriculture will do this. He said they will continue to do this so the farmers will have the best training they needed to help them in their farms.
Farmers were later taken to a mango farm to do some practicals on how to do the proming and the inserts trackers and killing.

Some of the farmers spoke to the media and could not hide their joy for the helps given them.
They said,with the training they can now kill the inserts by tracking them and also do proper proming.

The farmers were again given the medicines that are use for the tracking and killing for free of charge.

Story: King David,GBC Radio 

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