Lt. Pedro Camejo African Venezuelan Soldier, Liberator and Warrior of Venezuela

Lt. Pedro Camejo African Venezuelan Soldier, Liberator and Warrior of Venezuela

Lt. Pedro Camejo was born in San Juan de Payra in Venezuela in the late 1700s he was the first black man who fought in royal army, he rebelled against the Spanish and fought against them in an army during War of Venezuela Independence reached the rank of lieutenant. 
 Pedro always fought in the battlefield he was one of the only officer in the Simon bolivar army, he fought with one of the Calvary regiments of the first division which was commanded by Jose Paez, he joined the cause of liberation in 1816 and entered the ranks in Apure of Jose Paez.   
According to Anthropologist Alonzo In 1818 General Simon Bolivar arrived in San Juan de Paya, Venezuela during the development of the campaign center also Pedro was considered as a liberator who led the ranks of the republican army.
It is said he was born into Slavery and it was believed that he was forced to severed in the Spanish military which he fought aganist during the battle of Independence led by Simon Bolivar in 1816 until 1821 the 2nd battle of Carabobo against the army of Miguel de la Torre which led to Independence.  
He served under General Jose Paez apart from playing a significant role for Venezuela and was elected after 1831 he was refered as El negra primero the first Black who came along for emancipation from slavery struggle for Independence from Spain and he defended Lt. Jose Cordoba who was assassinated then he met Simon they took part in the battle of Las Queseras del medio in 1819 with his friend called Trindad Traveso the Calvary lieutenant Pedro Camejo was also mudered during the battle of Carabado on 24th June, 1824 he was the evocative symbol of black power in Venezuela.

 According to other Afro- Venezuelan his parents were African who were brought as slaves from Africa to Guadeloupe before they were shipped to Venezuela and worked on the plantations, During the first battle him and other patriots fought for Boves Paez had to imposed their authority and discipline because he said they are not limited to win battles especially Blacks in Venezuela entered the War of Independence in its beginning of the realistic side of which deseteria changed the side and passed the patriotism in 1816.   
Pedro and Bolivar gave a very frank explanation why they fought at the beginning of the realistic side they believed it was very satisfactory and possible to win confidence there were blacks among the 150 lancers who participated in the battle in 1819 in order of black liberation to gain their victory, on every 25th June it is a national hero day to honor the first negros who contributed along with other heroes of Venezuela throughout his life he was known as a Soldier, compassionate, loving, Warrior and Brave who dedicated himself and fought in both battles , he had the nickname known as black first and people were inspired by his boldness he was considered to be the only black man who formed the first line of attack on the battlefields during the wars and it is also attributed to his having been the only officer of colour in the army his last word before he died ” General here, I come to say goodbye before i die”. – Honourable Lt. Pedro Camejo.
Below are Poetry and Song i came across dedicated to his Honourable Lt. Pedro Camejo. Poetry 

1. Negro Primero Song .
2. Francisco Montoya- FG Negro Primero.
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