National Union of Tongu Student and Associates honours invitation to Tefle DA JHS.

National Union of Tongu Student and Associates honours invitation to Tefle DA JHS.

The National Union of Tongu Students and Associates,on 18th March,2022 has honoured an invitation by TOSA (Tefle Old Students Association). 

The invitation was to have a brief discussion with the leadership of NUTSA and the old Student's of Tefle DA JHS and also witness a donation ceremony to the Tefle DA JHS.
Honouring and representing the union was the union's National General Secretary; Hon. Justice Gbadago.

Meeting the school authorities and representative of NUTSA, Mr. Dodzi Valsmith of TOSA officially made it known to the teachers at the JHS department, the reasons for their visit and opportunity was given to Hon. Justice Gbadago; NUTSA, National General Secretary to speak on purpose and activities of NUTSA and how they can also benefit.

 Mr Gbadago further request from the teachers to humbly prepare the students for this Year's NUTSA Quiz and Essay Competition. 

Tefle Old Student Association gave out educational materials to support brilliant but needy students. Among the items given are :100 pieces of exercise books, 20 pics of note books, 2 dozens of mathematical set, 20 pieces of graph books and others. These items were presented to the teachers in the presence of the school prefects.

The students were given the opportunity to interact with the old students and to share their challenges as well. As of 18th March,2022 the school has only one laptop working in the ICT lab, students in Form 1 and some in Form 2 lack desks to sit on during class hours. The students also lament that, they lack teachers in the department of English Language , Religious and Moral Education and ICT especially Form 1 and some of the Form 2 classes.
The school has three hundred and seventy - three (373) learners , Sixteen (16) permanent and three temporary teachers as at the time of visit.

Due to the high population of the school, some classes are held under trees.The Presbyterian church of Ghana; Calvary Congregation - Tefle,recently gave their conference room to be used temporarily as classroom. The school also lack library and textbooks to support teaching and learning.
Teaching and Learning Resources are in deficit. One of the students also made us understand that, they need Science lab and Projector to support their practical lessons and other lessons.

The school was privileged to be donated with bio digester toilet by MELCOM CARE FOUNDATION, however due to lack of water facility on the campus, the bio digester toilet has turned to be a white elephant.

On this note, NUTSA( National Union of Tongu Students and Associates ), TOSA( Tefle Old Students' Association ) and the students of Tefle D/A JHS humbly call on the general public and various stakeholders including old students to come and support the school in promoting academic excellence in a conducive environment by ensuring that, their needs are satisfied.

Let's develop Tongu through Quality Education.

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