Chief Priest of  Nana Tongo Shrine at Dzogadze calls Unity.

Chief Priest of Nana Tongo Shrine at Dzogadze calls Unity.

Chief Priest in-charge of the Nana Tongo Shrine at Dzogadze in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region, has stressed the need for unity among all Christians, Moslems and Traditionalists across the country. 
According to Busumfuor Labor Gatorwubuna Avi, even though members of these religious faiths have different believes, traditions and practices, they all look up to the same God Almighty for protection, salvation and direction. 
The Busumfuor was speaking at the 53rd annual festival of the idol at Dzogadze.
The age-old idol, Nana Tongo was instituted on 14th March, 1969 to provide healing to all manner of ailments for the residents of Dzogadze and its surrounding communities. 
Today, Nana Tongo also treats both physical and spiritual diseases for thousands of people from all walks of life either directly or remotely.
According to the owners of the shrine, since its inception some fifty four (54) years ago, the Dzogadze- based god has touched several thousands of Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian lives within and outside the jurisdiction of the country.
Some physical developments within the Dzogadze Township such as the establishment of basic schools, electricity and water provision as well as the creation of access road to the community amongst others, are said to be the result of the presence and work of Nana Tongo.
The 53rd anniversary of the idol brought together its worshipers from far and near as well as citizens from nearby communities. They sang, danced and drummed to the adoration and admiration of their god in particular and God in general. 
The three-day convention took stock of their achievements and failures over the years and also developed strategies for the year 2023 and beyond. Activities undertaken to mark the 53rd anniversary of Nana Tongo included town cleansing, pouring of libation and spiritual warfare exercises amongst others.
Speaking to our newsteam in an interview at Dzogadze, Busumfuor Labor Gatorwobuna Avi urged all members of the Christian, Muslim and Traditional faiths to unite, explaining that all religious practitioners look up to the same Almighty God for the needed support and salvation. ‘Though our religions are different from one another in both practice and faith, we are serving the same God Almighty’, the Chief Priest intimated.
Busumfuor Avi regretted that a lot of the youth have, in recent times, pushed themselves into all kinds of negative behaviours and attitudes that are destroying their future and very foundations. In his view, these behaviours including fake money production and cybercrimes popularly known as ‘sakawa’ or ‘419’ are not only criminal but also immoral and urged the youth to desist from such practices in their own interest.
He also called on the country’s political and religious leaders to show faith, honesty and transparency in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities to the state and citizens in order to unite the country and accelerate its growth and development for the benefit of the present and future generations of the country.

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