Ho: CoP Women Ministry mark World Malaria Day

Ho: CoP Women Ministry mark World Malaria Day

Malaria is one of the world’s most widespread and ancient infectious diseases, and controlling it remains a critical public health priority. 
This complex parasitic disease, transmitted from person to person by the bite of infected mosquitoes, threatens the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in tropical areas around the globe. 

Each year, on April 25, World Malaria Day provides an opportunity to reflect on recent advances in controlling this disease and the challenges that remain.
 Today, The Church of Pentecost Ho Area Women ministry in collaboration with Tobinco pharmaceutical company marked this day by  educating women about how to prevent this menace.

 The “Malaria Day theme “Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement.” Malaria infection, when uncomplicated, can lead to the disease’s hallmark symptoms of chills, intense fever, and sweating, all of which can be quite debilitating. 

In a short presentation on the causes and needs to prevent malaria, Mr Frederick Owusu Mensah a Pharmacist from Tobinco Pharmaceutical company said, there is the need for all Ghanaians to ensure that, they keep their homes and gutters clean to avoid attracting mosquitos that will endanger their lives.
He noted that, If infection progresses to severe malaria, it can lead to coma, seizures, severe anemia, respiratory distress, organ failure, shock, and even death. Despite recent advances, malaria has remained a challenging disease to control, and particularly so during the COVID-19 pandemic.
He said, for many years now, Tobinco Pharmaceutical company has supported many people and institutions to save lives and has adopted many ways to invest into preventing malaria and other diseases.

He called on all parents and Ghanaians to always visit the hospital to be tested and treated in case they identify any sign of malaria.
Some of the signs of malaria according to him are, lost of appetite, sweating, ferver, among others.
The therefore called on all parents to prioritize the health care needs of their wards and always sleep in the treated mosquito net. Adding that, one of the most effective drug in the market is Lufart by Tobinco Pharmaceutical company which he advised all to buy.

On her said, Mrs Comfort Quampah,the wife of the Ho Area head has said, malaria kills children every seconds which parents needs to be educated on.

According to her, parents especially women suffer the inconveniences most when their children are affected.
She therefore called on all parents to have a first aid kit in their homes and visit the hospital after giving the first aid for treatment.

Deaconess Fidelia Ametefe ,the Ho Area Women ministry leader said, as the world make the world malaria day, the Women ministry also deem it necessary to collaborate with Tobinco Pharmaceutical company vested into treating malaria by providing drugs to bring women together and educate them.
She therefore appealed to all women to make it a point to prioritize the health of their families especially the children.
She thanked the Tobinco Pharmaceutical company for their support and collaboration.

The Volta regional environmental health director Stella Kumedzro has said, malaria is one of the diseases that kills a lot of people and children suffer it most.
According to her, the environmental health directorate is poised to ensure that, every home and gutters are taken care.

She called on all Ghanaians to endeavour to keep their surroundings clean .

She lamented on the fact that, many people have the treated mosquito net yet refused to use whiles some people end up using it as their fence.
She appealed that, much money has been invested in buying the net hence should be use for its intended purpose.

Finally, the Ho Area secretary Pastor Cephas Akakpo expressed his gratitude to the Tobinco Pharmaceutical company and participants for their support and efforts.
He appealed to everyone to take the education serious and apply it .

Meanwhile, the Tobinco Pharmaceutical company has given a free medicines and t-shirts and to everyone who participated.
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